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February 24, 2000

Sony and Texas Instruments Cooperate to Accelerate
the Widespread Use of "MEMORY STICKTM" IC Recording Media

CeBIT, Hanover, Germany, February 24th, 2000 --- Sony Corporation today announced plans to cooperate with Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) to promote the widespread use of "Memory Stick" IC recording media. TI will support the "Memory Stick" by developing compliant LSIs that enable hardware manufacturers to commercialize "Memory Stick" compliant products.

Sony will supply, and provide technical support for, "Memory Stick" technologies such as "MagicGate" copyright protection technology and "ATRAC3" audio compression technology. TI will develop LSIs for "Memory Stick" compliant products by utilizing their expertise in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.

"Memory Stick" is an ultra-compact IC recording media for transferring a wide variety of AV-IT contents such as digital images and music data. It offers user-friendly features such as a reliable connector structure and a locking switch to prevent accidental data deletion. To date, worldwide shipments of "Memory Stick" have reached 3 million units.

"MagicGate" is an SDMI* compliant copyright protection technology that securely manages the transfer of digital music content between compliant products and media. "ATRAC3" audio compression technology can reduce the data size of music while maintaining high sound quality. These technologies facilitate secure and high-quality music distribution over such media as the Internet. In December 1999, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. initiated an electronic music distribution service over its "bitmusic" Web site for the Japanese market, and Sony commercialized portable audio players such as the "Memory Stick Walkman".

*Secure Digital Music Initiative

TI is a world leader in DSP and analog technologies. More than 60%* of all digital cellular phones are powered by TI DSPs. As a result of Sony-TI cooperation, manufacturers of mobile terminals, portable music distribution devices and other information appliances will be able to develop "Memory Stick" compliant products.
*TI estimate

"Sony is delighted to cooperate with TI," said Yoshihide Nakamura, Corporate Senior Vice President of Sony Corporation. "By gaining TI's support, we are certain that Memory Stick will be further accepted in fast growing markets around the world.

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