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February 18, 2000


SANTA CLARA, Calif., and TOKYO, Feb.18, 2000 -- Intel Corporation and Sony Corporation announced today that they intend to collaborate in an effort to give consumers the ability to share electronic content between PCs and various consumer electronic devices such as digital cameras, digital camcorders and portable music players. The effort is part of Intel's vision of the e-Home, where the Internet is seamlessly available throughout a range of devices in an increasingly connected home.

With the PC as the primary Internet access device for the e-Home, Intel and Sony are teaming to ensure connectivity and interoperability between PCs, Internet appliances, and the increasing number of digital consumer electronic devices. The PC has assumed a central role in providing such connectivity and interoperability between these various devices in the e-Home. This will make it easy for consumers to quickly transfer digital content, such as photos, music and video, over the Internet to their other devices in the home.

As part of the collaboration, Intel and Sony will help make the e-Home a reality by working together in several areas. The two companies will work to enable PC manufacturers to implement Sony 's Memory StickTM read and write capability. Memory Stick is a removable IC recording media based on flash memory technology that allows off-line sharing of digital content. This will allow consumers to share digital content between various consumer electronic devices such as digital cameras, digital camcorders, and portable music players.

To allow networked sharing of digital content and the control of various devices, the two companies will work together on wired and wireless home networking solutions for the e-Home. As part of their efforts, the companies will work on the possibility of bridging uPnP (Universal Plug & Play) and HAVi (Home Audio Video interoperability), which is used to control consumer electronic devices.

For the next generation of flat-panel PC displays, the two companies will work together to enable PCs with the Digital Video Interface (DVI). DVI provides high bandwidth, plug and play digital connections for the highest quality displays. The two companies will work toward establishing industry wide adoption of DVI to assure compatibility among the next-generation flat-panel PC displays.

To protect content owner rights to digital content in the networked environment, Sony and Intel have been working together on 5C Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) bus encryption technology, and will work on establishing interoperability between the Intel Software Integrity System and Sony's OpenMG copyright protection technology.

The two companies will continue to work together to announce products throughout the year that support the e-Home vision.

"In Intel's vision of the e-Home, we see the Internet being within arm's reach in the home, and adding value to both PCs and a wide range of devices," said Pat Gelsinger, vice president and general manager of Intel's Desktop Products Group. "We are pleased to be working with Sony to make our vision a reality, and to be able to provide consumers with their favorite content, where they want it, how they want it, and when they want it."

"In light of the approaching digital network era, the e-Home concept can offer easy access to the Internet on a broad range of applications," said Kunitake Ando, corporate senior executive vice president of Sony Corporation. "We hope to contribute to this concept with our technologies, and a wide variety of digital electronics devices including Memory Stick, to offer consumers a new way to share and enjoy digital content."

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