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February 17, 2000

Sony Starts "VAIO" PC Business in Asia
Utilizing Efficient Business Platform over the Internet

(Singapore, February 17, 2000) Sony Corporation today announced that it will launch "VAIO" Personal Computer business in Singapore at the beginning of March, 2000 with its popular VAIO C1 series and VAIO 505 series. The company has already started its VAIO PC business in Hong Kong back in October 1999, and Singapore is the second Asian market where Sony launches VAIO. In venturing into both Hong Kong and Singapore markets, Sony has created and implemented an efficient business platform exploiting the ever-growing reach of the internet.

Customers can order VAIO PC and its peripherals through the e-commerce Web site ( with a click of their mouse, or via telephone or fax at home. If they want to see the products before making purchase decisions, Sony Digital Workshop, the newly opened VAIO Helpdesk, and the official VAIO dealers are ideal places to visit in order to try them out, where orders can be placed on the spot. In whichever way the orders are taken, they will be processed in the Web-based control system integrated in collaboration with IBM Corporation which has a broad experience in e-business.

All products are efficiently managed through global inventory visibility system, and they will be delivered to customers within 3 working days after receipt of orders with FedEx's integrated logistics and information technology networks. Also, Citibank acts as an acquiring bank on a settlement side by utilizing its payment gateway facility, which provides online settlement function with Sony's business platform.

"We have created a customer-oriented business platform, harmonizing the real world and the cyber world," said Kunimasa Suzuki, President, Global VAIO Direct Company, Personal IT Network Company, Sony Corporation. "I believe this platform will play a key role in promoting VAIO in Asian market" he added.

Furthermore, various information about new products, peripherals, upgrade services of memory and software will be available to customers, ensuring even more enjoyable experience with VAIO and Sony electronics products. Sony will continue to offer people the new lifestyle taking advantage of AV/IT convergence as well as its entertainment solutions.

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