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October 26, 1999

Sony Launches Special Edition "AIBO" Entertainment Robot
Requests for 10,000 total units to be accepted from
customers in Europe, Japan, and the USA from November 1-8, 1999


(Tokyo, Paris and New York) - Sony Corporation today announced plans to offer a special edition "AIBO" entertainment robot, model [ERS-111], to customers in Japan, the United States, and Europe*1. Sales will be limited to 10,000 total units with no specific quantity allocated to each region or market*2.

The "AIBO" entertainment robot is an autonomous robot that acts in response to external stimulation and its own judgement. Sony developed it as a robot capable of interacting and co-existing with people as a new form of robotic entertainment. This June, Sony sold a total of 5,000 units of a limited edition "AIBO" entertainment robot, model [ERS-110], on a first-come, first-served basis to customers in Japan and the US. Order taking for products allocated to the Japanese market was completed within 20 minutes, and products allocated for the US market were sold within four days, a response that greatly exceeded expectations.

Sony intended to market a limited quantity of "AIBO" entertainment robots, maintain close contact with the users, and use their feedback to plan the establishment of an entirely new market for robot entertainment. Ever since the completion of order taking, however, Sony has been flooded with requests to purchase "AIBO" robots not only from customers in Japan and the US but also from Europe, where the limited edition model was not available. In considering how to respond to this excess demand, Sony has decided to launch a special edition "AIBO" entertainment robot, model [ERS-111].

The [ERS-111] "AIBO" entertainment robot maintains the same basic features and specifications as the [ERS-110] model while incorporating some changes in design, motion, and sound. Customers can choose from two exciting new colors, Grey Silver and Metallic Black, when submitting their requests. The special edition also features changes in the shape of the ears and length of the tail as well as the inclusion of new motion and sound software.

Requests for the [ERS-111] "AIBO" entertainment robot will be accepted from November 1-8, 1999 over the Internet and by telephone*3, and quantities are limited to one per customer. In the event that more than 10,000 requests are received, orders will be processed at random until all products are sold. Sony plans to complete shipping products by late December.

A new version of the "AIBO Performer Kit" motion editor software, model [ERF-511], will go on sale at the same time. This PC-based software, which enables users create new motions for [ERS-111] "AIBO" entertainment robot, has been specially designed for the special edition product.

(Please refer to the attached pages for specific information about events, product displays, and procedures for placing requests in for your region.)

Sony will continue to advance its market research and technological development by analyzing the demographics of its "AIBO" customers and communicating closely with users while working to expand the market for robot entertainment.

*1 Sony currently plans to offer the product for sale in Austria, Greece, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

*2 In the event that more than 10,000 requests are received, orders will be filled at random until all products are sold. No specific number of units has been allocated for each region or market.

*3 Other methods may be available in some countries. For detailed information, please refer to attached page(s).

Product Information and Prices (Refer to attached pages for further details):

Product DescriptionRequests
"AIBO" Entertainment Robot [ERS-111] in choice of two colors: Grey Silver or Metallic Black; Station; AC Adapter; Custom Li-Ion Batteries (2); Sound Controller remote control; 8MB pre-recorded Memory Stick; colored ball. November 1st
November 8th
From early
JPY 250,000
excl. tax
excl. tax,
EU 2,400
excl. tax
"AIBO Performer Kit" Motion Editor software [ERF-511]; 8MB Memory Stick; Memory Stick PC Adapter CardFrom
November 1st
From early
JPY 50,000
excl. tax
- - - - -
Excl. tax, S&H
EU 450
excl. tax

Worldwide Home Page: http://www.aibo.com *this link is no longer active and a revised page does not exist.

[ERS-111] "AIBO" Technical Specifications
CPU64-bit RISC processor
Main Memory16MB
Program Memory8MB Memory StickTM (accessory)
Moving PartsMouth: 1 degree-of-freedom
Head: 3 degrees-of-freedom
Legs: 3 degrees-of-freedom (x 4)
Tail: 2 degrees-of-freedom
Total: 18
Internal SensorsVideo Input180,000 pixel color CCD camera (x 1)Head
Audio InputStereo microphone (one on each side)Head
Audio OutputSpeaker (x 1)Head
Heat DetectorHeat sensor (x 2)Torso
Range FinderInfra-red range finding sensor (x 1)Head
Spatial acceleration sensor (x 1)Torso
Rotation DetectorAngular velocity sensor (x 1)Torso
Contact DetectorsTouch sensor (x 1), switch (x 4)Head, Legs
Power SourceDC7.2V (Lithium ion battery)
Power Consumption12.6W (autonomous mode)
Operating TimeApprox. 1.5 hours (using fully charged battery)
Dimensions (l x w x h) Approx. 274 x 156 x 266mm (not including tail)
WeightAbout 1.4kg (body only)
About 1.6kg (Including Memory Stick media and battery)

[ERF-511] "AIBO Performer Kit" Main Features
Motion Editing Functions
(3 Types)
1) Exchange of motions
2) Editing of motions
3) Creation of original motions
Simulation Functions1) Ensure compliance with angular limitations of limbs
2) Confirm non-collision of moving parts
3) Check speed of moving parts
OthersTimeline editing function, Memory Stick data check, etc.

[ERF-511] "AIBO Performer Kit" System Requirements
Computing PlatformIBM PC/AT compatible or NEC PC98-NX Series
CPUPentiumR200Mhz equivalent or above
OSWindowsR95 or WindowsR98
Memory32MB or greater
PC Card SlotType II PC card
Display Mode800 X 600 resolution or greater
Display Color Capability16-bit High color or greater
OtherCD-ROM drive (for Installation)
Available in Japanese, English, French, and German

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