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September 22, 1999

Sony Announces Memory StickTM for Audio Application
"Memory StickTM WalkmanR" and "MagicGate Memory StickTM"
To Be Launched

Tokyo, Japan -- Sony Corporation today unveiled plans to launch products that unlock the audio potential of the Memory StickTM format. As the first line of the products, "Memory Stick Walkman" and "MagicGate Memory Stick" will promote the broad use of Memory StickTM recordable IC media by offering new ways to enjoy music through PCs and portable audio players.

Sony has been actively participating in the activities of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) since its inception and will use the "MagicGate" and "OpenMG" copyright protection technologies for its new products. These products will comply with the SDMI specifications, enabling the secure storage and playback of digital music contents while protecting the rights of copyright holders.

A virtual organization within Sony Corporation known as the "VAIO Center", has been leading Sony through the development and promotion of Memory StickTM and i.LINK technologies. Since the September 1998 launch of Memory StickTM, which is designed for use with a wide variety of digital AV products, Sony has worked to increase storage capacity of this IC recording media. Sony has already introduced various other lines of Memory Stick compliant products such as digital video cameras, digital still cameras, and "VAIO" personal computers. In spring 1999, Sony launched "Digital Photo Printer" and "Digital Photo Frame" and has been proposing Memory Stick for the easy exchange of images between digital video/still cameras and PCs as a means of offering new ways to enjoy digital images.

At the same time, the environment surrounding the worldwide music industry has drastically changed due to the introduction of new methods of Internet based electronic music distribution, making the widespread introduction of IC recording media based portable audio players strongly anticipated.

Sony's new products will allow users to store digital music content downloaded from the Internet or transferred from an audio CD to a PC's hard disk on Memory Stick IC recording media for playback "anytime, anywhere".

Sony plans to build on the Memory StickTM format by increasing the storage capacity of the IC recording media, pursuing the development of the compliant AV/IT products, and actively promoting the format to other companies.

(History of Memory Stick Development)

Memory Stick
July 1998Announcement of the development
September 1998"MSA-4A" (4MB) "MSA-8A" (8MB) were launched.
April 1999"MSA-16A" (16MB) was launched.
September 1999"MSA-32A" (32MB) was launched.
November 1999"MSA-64A" (64MB) to be launched.
December 1999"MSG-32A" "MSG-64A" (Copyright protection technology applied, 32MB/64MB for both) to be launched.

(Memory Stick Compliant Products) (as of September 1999)
Digital Video Camera"DCR-PC3" "DCR-TRV10" "DCR-PC100" "DCR-TRV900"*
Digital Still Camera"DSC-F505K" "DSC-F55K" "DSC-D700"* "DSC-D770"*
Digital Photo Printer"DPP-MS300"
Digital Photo Frame"PHD-A55"
Media Converter"DVMC-MS1"
Personal Computer"VAIO Z505 Series" "VAIO Series" etc.
Entertainment RobotAIBO "ERS-110"
Memory Stick Walkman"NW-MS7" (to be launched in December 1999)
* Use a PC adapter for Memory Stick

Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Its music, pictures and computer entertainment operations make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of over $56 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 1999. Sony's Home Page URL: http://www.sony.co.jp/