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January 7, 1999

Sony Launches Two New Digital8 Format Camcorders
for high-quality digital recording of images and sounds on Hi8 tape

DCR Photo

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation today announced the launch of two Digital8 camcorders, models [DCR-TRV310K] and [DCR-TRV110K], that use a new format to record high-quality digital images and sounds on all varieties of analog Hi8 tapes.
These two models will be introduced in the Japanese market on March 1, 1999.

The new camcorders can also play back tapes recorded in the analog 8mm and Hi8 formats, allowing users the continued enjoyment of their existing video collections.

ModelIntroduction Date
Monthly Production
Digital HandyCam Camcorder
w/ 3.5-inch LCD Monitor
March 1,1999185,000 yen10,000 units
Digital HandyCam Camcorder
w/ 2.5-inch LCD Monitor
148,000 yen5,000 units
*Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

The new Digital8 format camcorders offer 500 lines of horizontal resolution, far superior to that of the conventional Hi8 format. The Digital8 format offers video images with a color range that is roughly three times wider than that of analog video formats. Also, the brightness and color contrast signals are recorded separately in a digital component format that enables the cameras to capture low distortion video images with a level of clarity and detail comparable to that of the DV format. The cameras offer high-quality recording in 16-bit/ 48KHz and 12-bit/ 32KHz PCM digital stereo recording modes to provide dynamic stereo recording and playback that gives listeners the feeling of being on the spot.

Both models are equipped with a newly developed 8mm playback/Digital8 playback-record head and a high-speed rotary drum motor that support high-frequency signals. The camcorders can play back 8mm and Hi8 tapes and also record and play back images and sounds in the Digital8 format.* This allows users to continue to enjoy their existing analog tape collections.

Moreover, the camcorders incorporate an i.LINK interface (DV terminal) that allows images and sounds recorded in the Digital8 format to be digitally output to other digital AV electronics appliances or personal computers for editing, dubbing, and processing with a minimum amount of distortion.

Both models are designed for low power consumption, and they are capable of over 10 hours of continuous recording using the [NP-F950] battery pack, which is sold separately. The camcorders are designed to offer full functionality, including a 20X optical zoom (80X digital) that allows users to capture high-resolution images of distant objects.

* Video Playback Using Digital8 Format Camcorders
Hi8 Tape(digital recording)->Digital8 quality playback
(500 lines of horizontal resolution)
Hi8 Tape(Hi8 recording)->Hi8 quality playback
Hi8 Tape(standard 8mm recording)->standard 8mm quality playback
Standard 8mm tape(standard 8mm recording)->standard 8mm quality playback

Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Its music, pictures and computer entertainment operations make Sony one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony recorded consolidated annual sales of over $51 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 1998, and it employs 173,000 people worldwide. Sony Corporation's Home Page URL: http://www.sony.co.jp/.

Additional Features of the [DCR-TRV310K] and [DCR-TRV110K]

1) 10 hours continuous recording* using Stamina [NP-F950] battery (sold separately)
* 1: It is necessary to change the tape after 90 minutes
* 2: Estimated recording time using the viewfinder

2) Estimated recording time for the [DCR-TRV310K] / [DCR-TRV110K]

. NP-F330NP-F550NP-F750NP-950
VF recording time100min/100min205min/205min425min/425min650min/650min
VF actual footage55min/55min115min/115min240min/240min370min/370min
LCD recording time75min/90min145min/185min305min/375min475min/570min
LCD actual footage40min/50min80min/105min175min/215min275min/330min

3) NightShot function for filming in low light environments
When the NightShot function is turned "on," the CCD detects infra-red wavelengths of light. This function is useful for capturing images of a sleeping baby, observing nocturnal animals moving about at night, and otherwise taking video footage of subjects located in dark places.

4) Other important features
- Equipped with an independent photo button for easily capturing digital still images using the "photo function"
- Incorporates a "LASER AVLINK" terminal for simple, cordless playback
- Supports Info Lithium batteries that displays the recording time possible with the remaining battery charge
- Equipped with an analog input for saving 8mm analog recordings in digital format
- Includes various digital effect modes for broadening visual expression
- Displays the recording time possible based on the remaining battery charge in a display window on the LCD monitor
- Comes with a power supply accessory that allows the camcorder to be used immediately after purchase

Main Specifications

Format StandardDigital8
Video FormatDigital Component
Video Sampling Frequency/
Digital Word Length
Brightness Signal
R-Y Signal
B-Y Signal
: 13.5 MHz/ 8-bit
: 3.375 MHz/ 8-bit
: 3.375 MHz/ 8-bit
Audio Recording FormatPCM Digital Recording
Digital word length /
Video Sampling Frequency
16-bit, 48 KHz mode
12-bit, 32 KHz mode
Lens SpecificationF1.4-2.9 f3.6-72mm (35mm equivalent f=41-820mm)
CCD Imager
(Total Pixel/ Actual Pixel)
680,000/ 340,000460,000/ 290,000
Zoom MagnificationOptical 20X / Digital 80X
Minimum Subject Illumination7 lux5 lux
LCD Monitor3.5-inch / 105,000 dots2.5-inch / 61,000 dots
Battery SystemLithium Ion (Supports Info Lithium)
Power Supply (Voltage)AC Adapter 8.4V
Battery Pack 7.2V
AC Adapter 8.4V
Battery Pack 7.2V
External Power Consumption3.1W (VF recording)3.1W (VF recording)
External Dimensions
108 X 106 X 195mm101 X 107 X 217mm
Unit Weight960 grams890 grams
Weight During Recording1.1 kilogram1.0 kilogram