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January 9, 1997

Sony Introduces DVD Video Player in Japanese Market
Features High Quality Video Images, Preserves CD and Video CD Compatibility

DVD Video Player DVP-S700
DVP-S700 Titanium Gray (left), Gold (right)

Tokyo, Japan - Sony today announced plans for the March introduction of its DVD video player in the Japanese market. The DVP-S7000 offers high quality video images and is capable of playing back CDs, Video CDs (ver. 2.0), and DVD video software. Drawing upon Sony's extensive experience in the development of digital electronics products, including optical pickup, semiconductor, and video compression technologies, this player offers superb video images and sound.

ModelIntroductionPriceColorsInitial Production
DVD Video Player
March 21110,000 yenGold
Titanium Gray
5,000 units/month

About the DVD Video Player
The DVP-S7000 features Sony's originally developed "dual-discrete optical pickup," which incorporates two optical pickups (780 nm laser diode and 650 nm laser diode) that are used for CD playback and DVD playback, respectively. The two pickups correspond to the different physical properties of the two types of discs, enabling precise and accurate signal reading.

Because the read-out signal from a DVD disc is very sensitive to tilt and warp, Sony's player features "tilt servo control," which detects the incident angle of the laser beam and forces it to stay perpendicular to the disc. This improves the overall data read integrity and ensures a superior level of performance.

Furthermore, a "Digital RF Processing LSI" is used, which digitally measures the jitter value of the disc and allows for reading with an extremely low error rate through electronic control of the pickup focus and "tilt servo control."

Regarding video image processing, 8-bit data from a DVD disc is converted to 10-bit data through use of a 10-bit video D/A converter, minimizing digital artifacts and providing superb picture quality that approaches that of the original master.

For audio, high-quality sound is achieved through the use of a "full feed forward digital filter" and "current pulse D/A converter," both of which are used in Sony's high-end audio products.

The player is also equipped with Sony's exclusive "smooth scan" feature, which incorporates an ultra-fast 32-bit RISC microprocessor. As a result, movies or music programs can be enjoyed smoothly and seamlessly, whether in high-speed, slow motion, or frame-by-frame mode.

The DVP-S7000 also comes equipped with a "table top remote control," which caters to the home theater user. This uses a "click jog shuttle" which allows the user to operate it while continuously viewing the screen.

About the DVD Format
The DVD format uses optical discs with a 12 cm diameter, the same as CD, and can store up to 4.7 GB of data on a single side of a disc (using a single layer). Through the use of the MPEG2 (Moving Picture Experts Group) video compression technology, approximately 133 minutes of high quality video with approximately 500*1 lines of horizontal resolution can be stored on a disc. The DVD format is composed of several applications, including DVD Video, computer-use DVD-ROM, DVD-R*2, DVD-RAM*2, and music-use DVD-Audio*2. In the multimedia era of the 21st century, Sony expects the DVD format to find a wide range of uses, including computer-use data-storage, car navigation systems, and game players. Sony forecasts that worldwide demand for DVD video players in the year 2000 will be approximately 10 million units and worldwide demand for DVD-ROM drives will be approximately 30 million units (30 percent of the 100 million computers sold in 2000 will include DVD-ROM drives).

*1 In the case of: 3.5 Mbps average video bit rate; 5.1 ch. audio/3 languages; and 4 language subtitles
*2 Discussions are still taking place regarding format specifications for DVD-R, DVD-RAM, and DVD-Audio

Main Specifications
Signal Format SystemNTSC Color Format (EIAJ)*
Audio Frequency ResponseDVD (PCM Playback)2 Hz-22 kHz (±0.5 dB)
CD2 Hz-20 kHz (±0.5 dB)
Audio Signal-to-Noise Ratio107 dB and above (EIAJ)*
Audio Harmonic Distortion0.0028% and below (EIAJ)*
Audio Dynamic Range97 dB and above
Wow and FlutterLess than measurable (±0.001W PEAK) (EIAJ)*
Output JacksAudioAudio Pin Jack x 2 (2 sets R-L)
Optical DigitalOptical Connector x 1
Coaxial DigitalPin Jack x 1
HeadphoneStereo standard jack x 1
VideoComposite VideoPin Jack x 1
S Video4 Pin Mini DIN x 1
Component VideoPin Jack x 3
Control S Input JackMonaural Mini x 1
Power RequirementsAC 100V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption28W
Dimensions430 x 111 x 395 mm (w x h x d)
Weight7.0 kg
* Value measured according to Electronic Industries Association of Japan (EIAJ) standard