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January 31, 1996

Sony Announces Important Milestone in
Blue-Green Semiconductor Laser Diode Development

Blue-Green Semiconductor Laser Diode
(blue-green semiconductor laser 515nm, over 100-hour)

Sony Corporation today announced successful demonstration of an over 100-hour, continuous-wave operation of a blue-green semiconductor laser at room temperature.

The II-VI laser diode used for this demonstration was composed of a ZnCdSe / ZnSSe quantum-well active layer, and a ZnMgSSe cladding layer originally developed by Sony in 1991. Among other factors, the 100-hour-long room temperature continuous-wave operation was made possible through a successful reduction of the pre-existing defect density, to less than 10,000/sq.cm from 100,000/sq.cm previously.

Because of its high suitability as a light source for high-density optical storage, semiconductor lasers have been the subject of intense research at universities and companies all over the world.

Major Sony achievements in the continuous-wave operation of semiconductor laser include the following:

blue semiconductor laser (447 nm) at liquid nitrogen temperature
blue-green semiconductor laser (523 nm) at room temperature
blue semiconductor laser (489.9 nm) at room temperature
blue-green semiconductor laser (507 nm), 1 hour at room temperature
blue-green semiconductor laser (510 nm), 4.3 hours at room temperature

Sony is determined to continue its research in further shortening the wavelength and extending the time of continuous-wave operation of semiconductor lasers.

Emission wavelength:                            515 nm
Duration of continuous-wave operation:          101.5 hours
Operating voltage:                              11V
Threshold current:                              32 mA
Light output:                                   1 mW
Operating current                               33 mA

Structure of Laser Diode

FIGURE Structure of Laser Diode