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March 28, 2018

SGE to Roll Out English and Enterprise Versions of KOOV Educational Programming Kit

    Tokyo - March 28, 2018 - Sony Global Education, Inc. (President: Masaaki Isozu) has begun rollout of an English version of KOOV, its educational robotic programming kit, as well as a service geared at businesses known as KOOV for Enterprise.

    KOOV is a learning kit based on a new concept. Through its slogan of "Play. Code. Create." it allows children to feed their imaginations through play by combining blocks (Play), harness their curiosities by building programs (code), and nurture their creativity (Create). KOOV enables children to learn about creating while playing and making use of digital technologies, and is equally enjoyable as a toy and an educational tool. It was first launched in February 2017 in Japan and China. In addition to its use in the household, as of last Fall it has also been introduced into curriculums at certain educational institutions and seen use in programming classes.

    The newly available KOOV for Enterprise comes with newly developed classroom packages geared towards entities that support the operation of programming classrooms. These packages are comprised of account management systems, teacher manuals, student worksheets, and more. KOOV for Enterprise is built in a way that institutions hoping to open up programming classes will be able to do so immediately.

    In addition, KOOV now also includes English-language support, allowing students to learn to program in English as part of their English curriculums. We are expanding our services to encompass more languages in support of international schools and English conversation schools in Japan that are increasingly introducing programming into their curriculums, and so that this knowledge is easily transferrable to the international stage, where programming education is thriving

    Features of KOOV for Enterprise

    Secure and Easy to Use Account Management System

    Allows young students to easily create user accounts and use them right away in the classroom. These user accounts can also be created from excel files, reducing teacher workloads when introducing KOOV. Admins are able to set up and manage passwords, ensuring that accounts are secure. Meanwhile, other features allow teachers to view user created contents and programs and check students' course progress. It is also possible to group and sort users into different environments, for example allowing admins to manage a nationwide group of students on a per classroom basis. Admin access rights can also be set for individual groups.

    Individual Development Classroom Packages

    Also included in this package is content to ensure that those running a programming classroom for the first time will be able to teach a successful robotic programming class. It includes all of the essentials for teaching a class, including teacher manuals, worksheets for students, "special recipes" that can be assembled in a short amount of time, and basic guides that show how to use the various electronic parts and provide programming examples.

    The class provides two different styles: a STEAM lesson that will guide students through the initial block assembly phase all the way to the programming phase, and a contest that will allow young students to unleash their creativity and cultivate their curiosities. By freely combining the two lesson types, it is possible to create original curriculums that emphasize the particular skills each institution or business is trying to teach.

    • Classroom Packages are not available in English.

    Customer Support

    Our special customer support channels are available and equipped to immediately assist with any issues when using KOOV. Replacement parts are also available for purchase case any electronic parts or blocks are lost, damaged, etc.

    As our society continues to become increasingly complicated due to technological advancements and environmental changes, issues on the global scale continue to increase. In the coming age, the most important skills will be not only information gathering, but the ability to use that information to solve problems. Increasingly, educational institutions are also expected to emphasize critical thinking skills, decision making, and creativity. STEAM will form the nucleus for students to develop those skills in the future, and Sony Global Education believes that KOOV can equip learners with the 21st century STEAM skills necessary to process and utilize information to solve the issues we all face.

    • STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.
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