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April 17, 2012

Sony and Adobe Collaborate on Professional Content Production Tools

 Las Vegas, NV - April 17, 2012 – At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference, Sony Corporation today announced it is expanding its relationship with Adobe Systems Incorporated, specifically in the area of professional video editing tools. In addition to its existing XDCAM editing workflow, Sony has developed a plug in for the F65 CineAlta camera to work with Adobe® Premiere® Pro, and is showcasing high-resolution 4K content production workflows, interoperability with XDCAM Station, and a more efficient workflow through operation of production metadata. Sony and Adobe will offer technology demonstrations of Sony’s XMPilot workflow with the upcoming release of Adobe Prelude™ CS6, and XDCAM Station.

 “Sony and Adobe are making professional video editing workflows even easier and the results more impactful for our customers,” said Bill Roberts, director of Professional Video Product Management at Adobe. “The companies are working to jointly provide a solution for improved workflow efficiency, from news material through high-end content production such as movies.”

 Takao Yoshikawa, Corporate Vice President at Sony Corporation said, “For years, Sony has been committed to seamless workflow solutions for a variety of content genres such as 4K movies and TV programs. In collaboration with Adobe, Sony will continue to provide even more efficient and creative workflows to support the industry’s professionals and their pursuit of new ways to express their vision.”

 Sony will unveil playback software to import the F65’s shot RAW file to the upcoming Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 through a Sony developed plug in. Sony’s software is scheduled for release in August 2012, and will facilitate editing of high-resolution F65 RAW footage.

 Sony and Adobe have collaborated on the XDCAM workflow since 2006. Sony will be demonstrating the XDCAM Station with Adobe Premiere Pro. This technology demonstration will highlight direct editing to XDCAM Station without making any file copies. Frame chase editing is also available while XDCAM Station is recording, providing an editing environment with flexibility for integration with XDCAM Station.

 Furthermore, XDCAM`s metadata workflow solution, XMPilot, improves workflow efficiency from field logging to the editing process. Metadata - such as Assignment Data, Title, Comment, EssenceMark, and GPS information in the XDCAM stored in media - will be shown on Adobe’s Prelude CS6 GUI, enabling effective searches.

 In addition, EssenceMark information is shown on a timeline of GUI, enabling users to check the target scene for shot mark positions. For more efficiency, the metadata is saved as Adobe standard XMP files, used for online editing with the upcoming Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

 At NAB 2012, Adobe is revealing the Creative Suite 6 video tools, which are expected to ship in the first half of 2012. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 combines faster performance with a sleek, customizable user interface and powerful trimming tools that let editors work the way they want to.

 Sony is showing workflow demonstrations with the latest Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, in XDCAM workflow and SRMASTER 4K workflow area at NAB 2012. Sony will continue its efforts to provide most innovative file-based workflow solutions in professional content creation industry such as movie, TV drama and news production.

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