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November 15, 2006

[Inter BEE 2006]Sony reveals a new lineup for accelerating HD World

Reports on domestic orders for state-of-the-art digital cinema camera and latest products

Sony Corporation today announced the launch of new product line-ups for the growing market of HD content creation as well as new products for the Japan market at Inter BEE 2006 in Chiba, Japan.

The exhibition theme of Sony is " HD FOR ALL with Sony ". We are expanding our lineup of content creation devices in line with the acceleration of HD and network capabilities. The new digital cinema camera "F23", the super slow motion camera "HDC-3300", the multi-format camera "HCD-1000" and the total system of "XDCAM"HD are displayed in the Sony booth.

[New Products]

"F23" is the new flagship of the CineAltaTM line, and replaces the HDC-F950 RGB 4:4:4 HD Camera System to support high-end digital 24P production and the commercial production community.
On sale: From May 2007 in Japan

[Order situation of new products]

  • -The new "HDC-3300", a high-definition 3 X speed super slow motion camera system, has received many orders. HDC-3000 has already been used to film world sports events from October.
  • -The latest HD OB VAN and "HCD-1000" multi-format cameras and the "MVS-8000A" multi-format production switcher and other products for HD live sports coverage have received many orders. Sony offers the best solutions for the customer in these areas.
  • -Kagoshima Yomiuri Television Corporation and Nagasaki Culture Telecasting Corporation have adopted the total "XDCAM HD" Professional Disc system for all electronic news gathering (ENG) and "XPRI NS" latest non-linear editors. These systems streamline the ENG workflow.

Sony pioneered HD digital content creation with the CineAlta system in 1999. CineAlta is now used widely for HD digital cinema production, where it can achieve the picture quality of traditional film. Filmmakers can benefit from the efficiencies of the digital production process, where CineAlta allows them to check freshly taken shots immediately, on site.

And now we are seeing the advent of total workflow with 4K in the digital cinema and high-end content markets. 4K picture quality will clearly surpass 2K which is currently gaining wide support in these markets.

From now Sony plans to develop a range of CineAlta 4K products, which will span acquisition, production and projection. Our 4K SXRD digital cinema projector is the first of these products. These products will pursue ever higher picture quality through higher resolution and stunning color reproduction.

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