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July 24, 2006

Sony Announces Sony Student Project Abroad (China)

Sony invites 20 Beijing and Shanghai high school students to visit Japan as first delegation

Sony Corporation
Sony (China) Limited

This is on English summary of a press release distributed in China at 14:30 (Beijing Time) on July 24th.

On July 24th, Sony announced in Beijing a new initiative, Sony Student Project Abroad (China), inviting high school students from China to visit Japan and learn about Japanese culture and society via a program that includes visiting Japanese enterprises and schools and staying in Japanese homes. This first delegation from China will visit Japan from July 26th through August 2nd, 2006.

The year 2006 marks the 10th anniversary of Sony (China) Limited and the 60th anniversary of Sony Corporation as well. Sony Corporation and Sony (China) Limited decided to jointly launch this significant social contribution initiative as part of initiatives to commemorate this important year. In selecting the first delegation, Sony has asked the China Youth Association for their support in inviting 10 students from Beijing and another 10 students from Shanghai.

The theme during their stay in Japan will be "Environment," a topic which is coming under increased focus in China. Sony will provide opportunities for these students to interact with Japanese high school students, participate in dialogue with Sony’s multinational employees, enjoy a home-stay experience by living in the homes of Sony employees, and visit Sony-related facilities (such as recycling facilities) as part of various scheduled events and activities.

Sony’s CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, has sent a congratulatory letter to the participants stating that:"Since this program’s inception in 1990 and after hosting 500 students form the US, this will be the first year for the program to welcome bright, young students from China, and we hope to continue this unique program for many years to come."

"I strongly hope that these students will take full advantage of this opportunity to get more information and understanding of Japanese culture, Sony’s unique value and people’s common concern for the environment. "The most important part is communication from the heart, from person to person", said Mr. Shizuo Takashino, Sony’s Executive Vice President and Chairman of Sony (China) Limited at the press conference in Beijing.

Sony aims to contribute to the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and China for future generations by providing promising Chinese high school students opportunities to experience Japanese culture, society, lifestyle and customs.

Overview of students' activities in Japan (Main theme: Environment)

  • 1)Two-night homestay at Sony employees' homes
  • 2)Dialogue with Sony's multinational employees
  • 3)Interactive program with high school students in Tokyo to design "Future Eco-city"
  • 4)Environmental lecture and recycling facility visit
  • 5)Eco-conscious product creation workshop
  • 6)Dialogue with Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman & CEO of Sony Corporation, and Dr. Ryoji Chubachi, President & Electronics CEO of Sony Corporation
  • 7)Embassy of the People's Republic of China visit
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