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July 12, 2006

Start of Full Services for Blu-ray Disc Production  --- from HD Video Shooting to Disc Mass Production

Sony Corporation

As the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format gains wide acceptance, Sony forecasts a sharp increase in demand for High Definition (HD) video contents on BD. Sony is therefore introducing an integrated suite of services to support BD production from HD video shooting, editing and authoring necessary for transferring HD content to disc, to disc mass production and packaging.

Integrated services for BD video contents creation

Sony PCL has established an exclusive BD authoring studio that provides authoring services compatible with the BD-ROM standard. The studio provides maximum technological support to bring out the full attractiveness of HD video. Services include support for shooting and editing of HD content, high-level mastering, menu/subtitle creation and authoring. Services extend from disc production to creation of disc cases/jackets, accessories and packaging. Sony PCL is responsible for video-related software while Sony Music Communications is responsible for music-related video software.

Left : Sony PCL BD authoring studio (preview room)
Right : Sony Music Manufacturing BD-ROM production line

Solid base for disc mass production

Sony Music Manufacturing (SMM) in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan is responsible for the manufacturing of a stable supply of high-quality BD discs. SMM has already started manufacturing BD video contents for Japan and overseas compliant with the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) copyright protection standard as well as evaluation discs. To achieve efficient production for less cost, Sony is successfully shifting from sheet coating to spin coating for disc covering and seeks to complete the shift by the end of this year. Production capacity at SMM will initially be 300,000 discs per month, rising to 2.5 million per month this fall. It is envisaged that US facilities will be producing 5 million BD discs per month by year-end along with production of 2.5 million BD discs per month in Europe. This means that by year-end Sony’s global production facilities should be manufacturing about 10 million BD discs per month (including production for PlayStation 3).

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