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April 10, 2006

Samsung and Sony Conclude Basic Agreement on Manufacturing 8th Generation TFT LCD Panels at S-LCD Joint Venture

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
Sony Corporation

Seoul, Korea / Tokyo, Japan, April 10, 2006 - Samsung Electronics Co., LTD (hereafter "Samsung") and Sony Corporation (hereafter "Sony") today signed a Letter Of Intent (LOI) on manufacturing 8th generation amorphous TFT LCD panels at their joint venture, S-LCD Corporation (hereafter "S-LCD"). The target is to sign a definitive agreement by the end of June, 2006.

 Details of the co-operation are as follows:

  • -We plan to establish an 8th generation amorphous TFT LCD panel production line (glass panel size: approximately 2,200mm×2,500mm) at S-LCD (Tangjeong, ChungCheongNam-Do, Korea). S-LCD is currently manufacturing 7th generation amorphous TFT LCD panels.
  • -We plan to invest approximately $2 Billion in the 8th generation amorphous TFT LCD panel facility and actual production is targeted to start in fall 2007.(Planned production capacity: 50,000 panels per month)

 The demand for LCD TVs is expanding and the large-screen TV market is expected to be especially dynamic from now on. By launching a production line for 8th generation amorphous TFT LCD panels, Samsung will target further business expansion in the LCD panel market for LCD TVs and Sony will continue to proactively focus on cost-competitive and high-quality large screen products targeting an expansion of its LCD TV business.

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