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November 16, 2005

[Inter BEE 2005] New HD Product Line-Ups for HD Content Creation

Launch of “XDCAM” HD and Next-Generation Switcher

Sony Corporation today announced the launch of new product line-ups for the growing market of HD content creation at Inter BEE 2005 in Chiba, Japan. The new products include the “XDCAM” HD series and the “IXS-6000” series.

The “XDCAM” HD series, which represents the HD-ready solutions within the “XDCAM” product category, is a large capacity and “professional disc”-based video system, enabling speedy HD content creation. The “IXS-6000 series,” the next-generation “Integrated Rooting Switcher System,” will offer an advanced environment for content creation.

Sony will also showcase the newly developed “HD super slow motion camera system” at this year's Inter BEE exhibition. This camera system can capture full-resolution HD images three times faster than previously possible.

With the development of wider product line-ups and technologies, Sony is presenting various solutions and supports content creation workflow for the expanding the digital terrestrial broadcasting market.

[New Products]

  • -“XDCAM” HD series
    HD-ready products of “XDCAM” series, 1 camcorder and 2 stationary decks
    On sale: From April 2006 in Japan
  • -“IXS-6000” series
    The next-generation type “Integrated rooting switcher system,” 2 models
    On sale: From January 2006 in Japan

[Exhibition (prototype)]

  • -“HD super slow motion camera system”
    High speed - 90 frames - video shooting in HD format
    On exhibit only at “Inter BEE 2005”

Furthermore, the multi-format camera system “HDC-1000” series, launched in September this year, received wide acclaim among broadcasters as well as the content creation industry.
As a result, shortly after market introduction, some 22 broadcast stations in Japan have already adopted many of the products introduced as part of the “HDC-1000” lineup.

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