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June 22, 2005

Sony Appoints Members of the Board, Corporate Executive Officers, Corporate Executives and Group Executives

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Corporation announced the appointment of members to its Board of Directors following approval at the 88th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders that took place today, along with the company's Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman of the Board, Chairmen and Members of the Nominating, Compensation and Audit Committees, Representative Corporate Executive Officers, Corporate Executive Officers, Corporate Executives, and Group Executives appointed at a Meeting of the Board of Directors held after the above mentioned General Meeting of Shareholders.

‹Members of the Board› (*Independent Director)

The Board Members are as follows. Four new Board Members have been selected (**).

  • Howard Stringer
  • Ryoji Chubachi(**)
  • Katsumi Ihara(**)
  • Akishige Okada*
    Chairman of the Board (Representative Director),
    Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.,
    Chairman of the Board (Representative Director),
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Hirobumi Kawano*
    Senior Vice President, JFE Steel Corporation
  • Yotaro Kobayashi*
    Chairman of the Board, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
  • Sakie T. Fukushima*
    Representative Director & Regional Managing Director-Japan,
    Korn/Ferry International
    Member, Board of Directors, Korn/Ferry International, U.S.A
  • Yoshihiko Miyauchi*
    Director, Representative Executive Officer,
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
    ORIX Corporation
  • Yoshiaki Yamauchi*
    Director, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.
  • Peter Bonfield* (**)
    Member of the Board, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
  • Fueo Sumita* (**)
    Chief of Sumita Accounting Office
  • Göran Lindahl

‹Chairman of the Board and Vice Chairman of the Board ›

  • Chairman of the Board
    Yotaro Kobayashi
  • Vice Chairman of the Board
    Hirobumi Kawano

‹Chairmen and Members of the Committees ›

  • Nominating Committee
    Yotaro Kobayashi (Chairman) Hirobumi Kawano,Akishige Okada,Howard Stringer,Ryoji Chubachi
  • Compensation Committee
    Akishige Okada (Chairman) Yoshihiko Miyauchi,Göran Lindahl
  • Audit Committee
    Yoshiaki Yamauchi (Chairman) Sakie T. Fukushima,Fueo Sumita

‹Corporate Executive Officers ›

Representative Corporate Executive Officers(* concurrent with Director)

  • Howard Stringer*
    Chairman and CEO
  • Ryoji Chubachi*
    President and Electronics CEO
  • Katsumi Ihara*
    Executive Deputy President,
    NC President of Home Electronics Network Company

Corporate Executive Officers(** Newly Appointed)

  • Nobuyuki Oneda
    EVP and CFO
  • Keiji Kimura
    Officer in charge of Technology Strategies,
    NC President of Information Technology &Communications Network Company
  • Nicole Seligman
    EVP and General Counsel
  • Yutaka Nakagawa**
    NC President of Personal Audio Visual Network Company

Corporate Executives (** Newly Appointed)

Executive Deputy President

  • Shizuo Takashino
    Sony Group China Representative

Executive Vice President

  • Mitsuru Ohki
    NC President of Professional Solutions Network Company (PSNC)
  • Eiji Kishi
    President of Personal Solutions Business Group (PSBG)
  • Akira Kubota
    NC President of Micro Systems Network Company (MSNC)
  • Katsuaki Tsurushima
    Corporate Laboratories
  • Fujio Nishida
    Electronics Marketing
  • Kenshi Manabe
    NC President of Semiconductor Solutions Network Company (SSNC)

Senior Vice President

  • Akira Iga
    President of Information Technologies Laboratories
  • Hiromu Inoue
    President of Energy Company, MSNC
  • Takeo Eguchi
    Environmental Affairs
    In charge of Printer Business of PSNC
  • Hiromasa Otsuka
    Deputy President of PSBG
  • Yoshinori Onoue
    Deputy President of PSNC
  • Hidenosuke Kanai**
    Senior Vice President of Planning & Control Division,
    Home Electronics Network Company (HENC)
  • Masataka Kawashima
    Internal Audit
  • Yasunori Kirihara
    Electronics Human Resources and Corporate Workplace Solutions
  • Shigeo Kubota
    President of Core Technology Development Group, MSNC
  • Osamu Kumagai
    President of Device Solutions Company, MSNC
  • Makoto Kogure
    President of TV Group, HENC
  • Tetsujiro Kondoh
    President of A-cubed Research Center, PSNC
  • Tadashi Saito
    Deputy President of SSNC
  • Norihisa Shirota
    President of Research & Development Group, SSNC
  • Tomoyuki Suzuki
    President of Imaging Device Business Group, SSNC
  • Masaaki Tsuruta
    President of SoC Business Group, SSNC
  • Masao Tomioka
    Production Strategy
  • Yoshihide Nakamura
    Intellectual Property
  • Kiyoshi Nishitani
    Deputy President of HENC
  • Shoji Nemoto
    President of Digital Imaging Business Group,
    Personal Audio Visual Network Company
  • Shinji Hanatani**
    Deputy President of PSNC
  • Naofumi Hara**
    Corporate Communications and External Relations
  • Takashi Fukushima
    Deputy President of Information Technology & Communications
    Network Company
  • Kunitaka Fujita**
    Group Human Resources
  • Masao Morita
    Brand and Creative Center
  • Yoshinori Yamamoto
    President of Audio Group, HENC
  • Takao Yuhara
    Investor Relations

‹New Group Executives›

  • Robert Wiesenthal
    EVP and CFO, Sony Corporation of America,
    In charge of Corporate Development and M&A, Sony Corporation
  • Hiroshi Yoshioka
    Corporate Vice President, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB

‹Corporate Executive Officers and Executive Officers Retired›

  • Nobuyuki Idei
    Chief Corporate Advisor
    (Currently Chairman and Group CEO,
    Representative Corporate Executive Officer)
  • Kunitake Ando
    (Currently President, Representative Corporate Executive Officer)
  • Teruo Masaki
    (Currently Executive Deputy President and Group General Counsel, Corporate Executive Officer)
  • Teruaki Aoki
    (Currently Senior Executive Vice President, Executive Officer, In charge of Technology Alliance, Intellectual Property)
  • Kenichiro Yonezawa
    (Currently Senior Executive Vice President, Executive Officer, In charge of Corporate General Affairs, External Relations)
  • Takeo Minomiya
    (Currently Executive Vice President, Executive Officer,
    In charge of Global Professional Solutions)
  • Masayuki Nozoe
    (Currently Executive Vice President, Executive Officer,
    Deputy President of PSBG,
    President of Sony Broadband Entertainment Japan, PSBG)
  • Yoshio Nishi
    (Currently Executive Vice President, Executive Officer,
    CTO of Materials Technology)
  • Kazuo Yamagiwa
    (Currently Vice President, Executive Officer,
    President of Semiconductor Development Group, SSNC)
  • Takeshi Matsunobu
    (Currently Group Executive Officer,President and Representative Director, Sony Finance International)
  • Yoshihiro Taya
    (Currently Senior Vice President, Executive Officer,
    In charge of Procurement and Logistics)
  • Kozo Kaminaga
    (Currently Vice President, Executive Officer,
    In charge of External Relations of Global Professional Solutions)
  • Takao Hiramoto
    (Currently Vice President, Executive Officer,
    Deputy President of Home Electronics Development Group, HENC)
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