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April 6, 2005

Sony and FIFA Conclude Contract for Partnership Program

-Sony to develop global marketing activities as official partner of FIFA World Cup-

TOKYO, Japan, April 6, 2005-Sony Corporation today announced the signing of a global partnership program contract with FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association). The contract will run from 2007 to 2014 with a contract value (excluding services and product leases) of US$305 million (approximately ¥33.0 billion*1).

Through this program Sony will be able to exercise various rights as an official sponsor of over 40 FIFA events. These include the world's greatest football event the FIFA World CupTM *2 (due to be held in South Africa in 2010 and South America in 2014)*3 as well as the FIFA Women's World Cup, the FIFA Confederations Cup and the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

As a FIFA Partner, Sony will energetically promote advertising and marketing activities at these events, utilizing the global strength of its group companies in electronics, entertainment, game etc.

The agreement signed with FIFA makes Sony a "FIFA Partner", the highest level of sponsorship status which is accorded to only six companies. Only one FIFA Partner is chosen for a number of defined industry or business categories. Sony has been chosen for the "Digital Life" category which will be established in 2007. "Digital Life" covers a wide variety of business activities from entertainment to electronics and as a FIFA Partner in this category, Sony will be able to exercise certain exclusive rights.

Through this partnership contract, Sony has been given a broad array of rights at FIFA events. Sony will be able to use the partner logo at the FIFA World CupTM and other FIFA events as well as having rights to the use of certain FIFA images and archive materials. Other rights will include advertising boards in stadiums, TV sponsor credits, on-screen IDs*4 and preferential negotiation rights for TV Commercial spots.

As a FIFA Partner, Sony will mobilize its personnel, material and intellectual property resources and develop new marketing methods to create new value for customers. Sony also hopes to make a real contribution to the great sport of football around the world through this deep and long-lasting partnership with FIFA.

The key sectors of the Sony group (including electronics, movies, music and game) will be involved in our partnership with the word's most popular sport-football. These activities will heighten awareness and respect for the Sony brand, and as we deliver dreams and new forms of enjoyment to customers, will enhance our overall corporate value.

  • *1Based on exchange rate as of April 5th.
  • *2FIFA World CupTM is a registered trademark of FIFA
  • *3A decision has not been reached on the host nation for the 2014 FIFA World CupTM.
  • *4 On-screen ID refers to a corporate logo that appears on the TV screen as a background to the score-line.
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