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March 1, 2005


Video conference calls and security camera footage will soon enter the age of high definition with bright images and crisp audio. Combining its broad expertise and widely-accepted innovation in the professional broadcast and consumer electronics markets, Sony Corporation today announced its plan to introduce a line of products for the growing demand of integrated visual communications tools. The IPELA brand of Internet Protocol (IP)-based products from network cameras, recording devices and video conferencing systems are an ideal solution for government, education, medical and enterprise customers looking to access and share visual information in real-time.

With the emphasis on high definition-quality video, clear audio and a durable finish - all of which are the hallmarks of Sony's professional broadcast equipment - IPELA line of small, lightweight and easy-to-use products will enable customers to transmit and receive visual information in a format that was previously reserved for broadcasters. Video conferences will soon be events that busy professionals look forward to, rather than simply tolerate because the high resolution images and audio will create an environment the attendants seem as if they are in the same room. Additionally, footage from intelligent security cameras will allow the viewer to quickly and accurately assess situations because the images' high resolution will allow for greater image processing when zoomed in on.

Moreover, because the IPELA brand of products operate seamlessly within in IP-based network, images from a video conference and/or security camera can be viewed remotely, enabling the viewer to travel outside a local network or closed-circuit system. The combination of visual and audio advantages of IPELA products will ultimately translate into benefits that go beyond time and costs savings for small and large organizations. Small and large organizations can virtually eliminate inefficiencies such as unnecessary travel for face-to-face meetings and time wasted at analyzing grainy security footage. Businesses will be better able to make quicker and better decisions with more information via the high speed IP network. Moreover, academic and medical communities can soon easily share high resolution pictures and research data with each other regardless of their distance between them.

IPELA products will realize the original promise of visual communications systems through the incorporation of Sony's HD technology.

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