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Shareholders' Meeting

The 98th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

June 23, 2015

Date:   June 23, 2015 [Tue]  10:00 - 11:33
Place:  Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, International Convention Center PAMIR, Tokyo  

The number of shareholders in attendance: 2,140

Sony Corporation (the "Corporation") hereby notifies you of the resolutions adopted and matters reported at the 98th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (the "Meeting") as follows.

Matters reported:

The reports on the business report, non-consolidated financial statements, consolidated financial statements and audit reports on the consolidated financial statements by the Independent Auditors (certified public accountants) and the Audit Committee for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2015 (from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015) were made pursuant to the Companies Act of Japan.

Matters acted upon:

1. To amend a part of the Articles of Incorporation.

At the Meeting, as proposed, it was approved that necessary amendments, such as the name change of "Company with Committees", and the expansion of the scope of parties with whom the Corporation may enter into a liability limitation agreement, be made to the Articles of Incorporation pursuant to the enactment of the Law for Partial Amendments to the Companies Act (Law No. 90, 2014).

2. To elect 12 Directors.

At the Meeting, as proposed, 12 Directors were elected. The names of the Directors are as follows.

Kazuo Hirai
Kenichiro Yoshida
* Kanemitsu Anraku
* Osamu Nagayama
* Takaaki Nimura
* Eikoh Harada
* Joichi Ito
Tim Schaaff
* Kazuo Matsunaga
* Koichi Miyata
* John V. Roos
* Eriko Sakurai

* They are outside Directors prescribed by Article 2, Item 15 of the Companies Act of Japan.

3. To issue Stock Acquisition Rights for the purpose of granting stock options.

At the Meeting, as proposed, it was approved that the Corporation will issue stock acquisition rights to corporate executive officers and employees of the Corporation, and directors and employees of subsidiaries of the Corporation, for the purpose of granting stock options, pursuant to the provisions of Articles 236, 238 and 239 of the Companies Act of Japan, and that the Corporation will delegate the determination of the terms of such stock acquisition rights to the Board of Directors of the Corporation.
In connection with this agenda, no such stock acquisition rights will be issued to outside directors of the Corporation.

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