01.Top Page
02.Cautionary Statement
03.Results Overview and Topics FY06
04.Consolidated Results FY06
05.Segments and Affiliates FY06
06.FY07 Consolidated Results Forecast
07.Structural Reform Progress Report FY06
08.Electronics FY06
09.Electronics Sales by Area FY06
10.Electronics Operating Income FY06
11.Electronics Inventory Levels by Area
12.Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications
13.Game FY06
14.PlayStation Hardware Production Shipments
15.PlayStation Software Production Shipments
16.Pictures FY06
17.Financial Services FY06
18.All Other FY06
20.FY07 Capital Expenditures Forecast
21.FY07 Depreciation & Amortization Forecast
22.FY07 Research & Development Forecast
23.Consolidated Results Q4 FY06
24.Segments and Affiliates Q4 FY06