Achieving Dominance in the CMOS Image Sensor Market

Image Sensor Wafer Production Capacity

CMOS image sensors

CMOS image sensors are used in a wide range of Sony products, including Sony Handycam® digital camcorders, α series interchangeable lens DSLR cameras and Android™-based Xperia™ arc smartphones, as well as in digital cameras, cameraequipped mobile phones and other products manufactured by third parties. In recent years, the rapid growth in smartphone use and other devices has diversified the way camera functions are used. This, in turn, is driving demand for advanced cameras that cater to a wide variety of shooting scenarios. With the aim of realizing an image sensor that can respond to such market needs, Sony has focused on key traditional parameters such as increased pixel counts, improved resolution and higher speed, in addition to developing the stacked CMOS image sensor which facilitates greater functionality and compactness, thereby pushing forward the evolution of cameras. Owing to these advanced features, Sony´s new stacked CMOS image sensor is expected not only to deliver unprecedented photographic experiences, but also to play an important role as the core technology for digital products in fields such as security and medical science. Sony´s new image sensor also promises to open the way for adoption of image sensors for a wider range of applications with sensing and authentication functions.

Sony began developing image sensors in-house almost 40 years ago, building up extensive know-how and technical capabilities in the continuous pursuit of high image quality. This has enabled it to maintain the top revenue share in the global image sensor market. Going forward, Sony will strive to remain the leader in innovative technology by further accelerating research and development. Sony also plans to expand manufacturing capacity at Sony Semiconductor Corporation´s Nagasaki Technology Center (Nagasaki TEC) and Kumamoto Technology Center (Kumamoto TEC), with the aim of establishing dominance in the CMOS image sensor market, thus complementing its leading position in CCD image sensors.

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