Sony´s 4K Format Established in the Professional Production Arena

F65 CineAlta camera

With the spread of digital cinema and the number of theaters able to screen movies in 4K increasing, Sony responded to demand from professional users with the F65 CineAlta camera, which combines Sony´s cutting-edge image sensor, image signal processing and optical processing technologies. For the F65´s core component, Sony developed an 8K CMOS image sensor. This new image sensor achieves an industry-leading resolution of 20 megapixels, as well as color reproduction and exposure latitude that surpasses that of conventional film. By utilizing a rotary shutter, the F65 also resolves the image sensor specific issue of object distortion, which sometimes affects shooting of fast-moving scenes. The F65, whose name derives from the superior 65mm film format, achieves image quality commensurate with its namesake.

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