4K Format´s Unparalleled Image Data Volume Provides Vivid Viewing Experiences

4K Format

The “K” in “4K” is derived from the format´s horizontal resolution, which is approximately 4,000 pixels. More precisely, the 4K format´s resolution of 4,096 2,160 pixels-8.85 million pixels in total-is the recommended standard for digital cinema by the six major Hollywood movie studios. Compared with Full HD (1,920 1,080 pixels, a total of 2.1 million pixels), 4K provides more than four times the volume of image data, enabling faithful reproduction of such fine details as brightness, colors and out-of-focus background.

When projected onto the same sized screen, each 4K pixel is one quarter the size of an HD pixel. Since beautiful images can be reproduced right down to the finest detail, picture coarseness is eliminated even for those seated in the front row of a theater, meaning the same picture quality may be enjoyed from any seat in the house.

Furthermore, since part of a picture can be viewed in close-up as a high-resolution image, the 4K format has the potential to significantly expand the application of digital imaging technology in such areas as sports telecasts, security products and medicine.

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