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Digital Imaging

HDR-PJ760V Handycam® camcorder

HDR-PJ760V Handycam® camcorder

The Full HD HDR-PJ760 Handycam® camcorder is mounted with the Exmor R™ back-illuminated complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS), which delivers outstanding low-light performance. Other features include a wide-angle lens, which enhances its suitability for use in close quarters, and Balanced Optical SteadyShot™, which reduces camera shake even when zooming, giving this model an image stabilization capability of up to 13 times greater than its predecessors, ensuring crisper, clearer video. The HDR-PJ760 is also equipped with a built-in high-performance projector that makes it possible to project images and video onto walls or other flat surfaces, rather than watch them on the unit´s screen, thus enabling users to view and enjoy video even when there is no television at hand.

Sales of Handycam® camcorders in fiscal year 2011 totaled 4.4 million units, maintaining Sony´s high global market share at 44%. Looking ahead, Sony will continue leveraging its digital imaging technologies to offer customers appealing products that further heighten their enjoyment of video.

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