IV. Creating New Businesses and Accelerating Innovation

New Business: Medical

Sony is pursuing ever-faster innovation based on its mid-to-long-term strategies and by developing differentiated technologies capable of generating true value in its products.

One of Sony´s key new business fields is the medical business, which currently comprises medical-use printers, monitors, cameras, recorders and other peripherals. Although Sony´s medical-related businesses were previously scattered across several business units, these have now been combined to form the medical business group, under the leadership of Executive Deputy President Hiroshi Yoshioka.

Sony also plans to enter the medical equipment components business in which its core strengths related to digital imaging technologies offer significant competitive advantages in such applications as endoscopes. Sony is also targeting the life science business, where it will leverage its expertise in such technologies as semiconductor lasers, image sensors and microfabrication.

Sony will continue to pursue M&A opportunities in the medical sphere that it judges necessary for business development and that offer an appropriate fit with Sony´s own strengths. Sony aims to build the medical business into a key pillar of its overall business portfolio, and is targeting future annual sales of 100 billion yen.

The 4K digital cinema format, which integrates Sony´s considerable strengths in imaging and audio technology, is a prime example of accelerating innovation. Providing customers with emotionally moving experiences through beautiful imagery and sound has always been an important part of Sony´s identity. Sony is focusing on the development of technologies related to 4K, which boasts more than four times the resolution of Full HD. Sony has already launched 4K-compatible digital cinema projectors, as well as the F65 CineAlta camera-the industry´s highest resolution motion picture camera. Combined with professional editing products and a high-end, home theater projector, Sony is delivering an ecosystem of 4K products.

By bolstering technology differentiation centering on original, state-of-the-art technologies and core devices-which are the core strength of Sony´s electronics business-Sony plans to continue expanding and enriching its 4K lineup, from consumer-targeted to professional-use products. In doing so, Sony aims to offer its customers a new form of excitement.

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