III. Expanding Business in Emerging Markets

Expanding business in emerging markets

Sony has built up a solid position in emerging markets in the AV/IT* category over many years based on meticulously planned and executed global sales and marketing programs.

Sony´s strengths in emerging markets include its highly efficient operations backed by tight inventory control through a strong grasp of the retail channel, product planning and marketing programs that closely meet the needs of each market, and its ability to leverage the Sony Group´s entertainment assets including pictures and music to further enhance marketing effectiveness. For example, in India, Sony Pictures Television boasts an industry-leading position as the provider of several highly-rated channels, two of which are among the top-rated television channels in the market. By effectively leveraging the high awareness Sony has achieved as a leading entertainment company, Sony is able to bolster product sales in the electronics business and build its position as a top brand.

Success stories like these highlight the overall strength of the Sony Group, and position Sony to further accelerate expansion in sales in other fast-growing emerging markets. In fiscal year 2014, Sony aims to generate sales totaling 2.6 trillion yen across all emerging markets.

*AV/IT: Consumer electronics excluding the game business

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