II. Turning Around the Television Business


Sony is accelerating its efforts to turn around the television business, for which it is targeting a return to profitability in fiscal year 2013. Sony has already initiated cost reductions in LCD panel manufacturing in addition to pursuing further production efficiencies by reducing model count by 40% in fiscal year 2012 compared with fiscal year 2011. Comparing fiscal year 2013 to fiscal year 2011, Sony is also targeting a 60% reduction in fixed business costs and a 30% reduction in operating costs as it executes a thorough overhaul of the television business.

In parallel with cost reductions, Sony will continue to bolster the competitiveness of its product lineup. The television business will seek to achieve further advances in image and audio quality in the high-sales-volume LCD television segment in collaboration with the home audio and visual business and the personal entertainment bussiness, and by tailoring its product lineup to meet the specific needs of different geographic markets. Sony is also making strides in the development and commercialization of next-generation display technologies, including OLED-in which Sony is considering strategic alliances-and Sony´s proprietary Crystal LED Display. The television business is also enhancing integration with Sony´s mobile products and network services, as it aims to offer unique user experiences, drive hardware differentiation and enhance the attractiveness of Sony´s television lineup.

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