For Sustainable Development


Sony´s founders believed that a company should always strive to create value for society, and this idea serves as a foundation of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. I believe that fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen is integral to the sustainability of our businesses, and as such, in concert with the expectations of our stakeholders, we will continue to deliver not only innovative products, content, services and technology, but sound business practices as well.

In 2011, in the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Thailand floods, the Sony Group came together to provide assistance for relief and recovery efforts, including through employee donations and volunteer programs. Sony´s operations were affected significantly by both events, and we are drawing on these experiences to reinforce our business continuity planning and risk management systems.

Other fundamental components of CSR, such as effective corporate governance, compliance, and responsible sourcing, also play a key role in a company´s ability to fulfill its responsibilities as a corporate citizen. The management and employees of the Sony Group are committed to working as one to ensure the success of its efforts in these areas.

We also acknowledge the importance of pursuing innovations tied in with our business strategies that will contribute to building a sustainable society. In order to contribute to the resolution of global challenges that we all face, we are committed to creating products that pose less impact on the environment and addressing global social issues such as poverty and education through uniquely Sony initiatives.

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