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Annual Report 2011

In Closing

  • Howard Stringer  Kazuo Hirai  Hiroshi Yoshioka
Sony is constantly evolving to meet the demands and opportunities of the fast-changing global business environment by creating innovative hardware, content and services.

We realigned our electronics, game and networked service operations into two key business groups. Following the realignment, which became effective April 1, 2011, all of Sony's consumer electronics and networked services reside in one group, the Consumer Products & Services Group, while the growing B2B, semiconductor and component businesses form the second group, the Professional, Device & Solutions Group.

Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai is responsible for the Consumer Products & Services Group. He successfully led the turnaround of the game business, expanded the PlayStation®Network and directed the launch of the Qriocity networked services platform. In his expanded role, he will continue to press for speed and efficiency while extending his focus to develop a new generation of compelling products, through which Sony will deliver seamless, exciting entertainment experiences to consumers, both at home and on the go, in order to be a company that inspires and fulfills people's curiosity.

The Professional, Device & Solutions Group is led by Executive Deputy President Hiroshi Yoshioka, who will utilize his engineering expertise alongside his management experience to further leverage Sony's competitive advantages in cutting-edge technologies and core devices to identify and pursue new business opportunities, including those in the energy and medical fields.

In finally, Doug Morris, one of the most respected and influential executives in the global music industry, will join the Sony family as the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, effective July 1.

As you read this, millions of people around the world are experiencing Sony's innovative and differentiated technologies on their Sony BRAVIA LCD televisions, digital cameras, VAIO® PCs, PS3, BD players, WALKMAN® digital music players, Reader™ digital books and Sony Ericsson smartphones, and using these and other Sony products to connect to their content, and to one another. They are using our hardware to play Sony-made games like GRAN TURISMO® 5, Motorstorm 2 or LittleBigPlanet™2, listen to Sony artists like Michael Jackson, Shakira and Adele, and to watch Sony-made films like Men in Black or The Social Network.

Only Sony makes everything you need to bring movies, music, games, photos and books to our eyes, ears, fingertips, hearts and minds. That's why the shortest distance between content and consumers is Sony. And that's why I believe that Sony will be in everyone's future, because Sony is where entertainment meets technology.

As strongly as I believe that Japan, through the spirit of fukutsu no seishin, will overcome the terrible disaster it has suffered, I also believe that Sony, through its spirit of innovation, will realize ever-greater advances in technology and entertainment. Under the spirit of "make.believe,"* I have faith in the people of Sony and in their commitment to work tirelessly to realize our dreams, because I know that anything we can imagine, we can make real. To me, our dedication and innovation are the true sources of Sony's corporate value.

On behalf of the management team and all of the employees of Sony, I thank you for your ongoing support.

July 6, 2011
Howard Stringer
Howard Stringer
Chairman, CEO and President
Representative Corporate Executive Officer

Sony Opens New Direct Store

  • Sony Opens New Direct Store
A new direct store, "Sony Store," was opened in Los Angeles in April 2011, as a unique destination at which customers can explore the complete Sony experience created by its electronic products, entertainment content and services.
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