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Annual Report 2011

Focus Areas for Growth -- 3D World

  • 3D World
One of the focus areas of Sony's growth going forward will be to lead expansion of the 3D World.
To expand our 3D businesses, we will continue to broaden the availability of both 3D-compatible hardware and high-quality 3D content.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ is fresh in everyone's memory. Sony, as an Official FIFA Partner, facilitated 3D live broadcasts of soccer matches that dazzled the world. Powerful and lively 3D images, produced by utilizing Sony's professional 3D broadcast equipment and 3D content production know-how, were broadcast live to homes around the world for the first time.

3D has proven to be a driver for the theatrical motion pictures business. Sony, uniquely, both creates and distributes movies in theaters, and also makes and sells the equipment used to capture, project and display them. In order to make 3D movies more widely available in theaters, we are continuing to bring digital cinema systems to theaters around the world. We have also introduced the spellbinding 3D experience that people associate with movie theaters in the home by enhancing 3D BD for 3D BD players/recorders and PS3, by popularizing 3D content distribution via network platforms such as Qriocity and PlayStation®Network, and by launching, with partners, round-the-clock 3D broadcasting in the United States, thereby expanding opportunities for people to enjoy 3D at home.

In addition to creating a broad range of 3D content, including movies, TV programs, music videos and games, we are making 3D personal by expanding our lineup of compact digital cameras, video cameras and other hardware that facilitate the production of user-generated content. These efforts are helping us make 3D a part of everyday life for our customers, underscoring our ongoing leadership in the 3D World.
  • 3D World

3D Broadcasting

  • 3D Broadcasting
3net is a joint venture television network from Sony Corporation, Discovery Communications and IMAX Corporation, delivering compelling, native 3D content to the emerging 3D marketplace, thus serving as a critical driver for consumer adoption of in-home 3D entertainment. The 24/7 3D television network, which commenced broadcasting in the United States on February 13, 2011, plans to offer viewers the world's largest library of native 3D entertainment content by the end of 2011.

Electronics Products that Expand the Field of 3D Content

  • Professional-use shoulder-mounted 3D video camera
    Professional-use shoulder-mounted 3D video camera
  • Digital Full HD 3D video camera
    Digital Full HD 3D video camera
3D content is becoming more personal and more realistic, thanks to Sony's 3D video cameras. The Handycam® HDR-TD10, introduced in May 2011, is a dual-lens Full HD 3D video camera for consumers, bringing together Sony's key industry-leading technologies in two lenses, two sensors and two image processors. The PMW-TD300 is a professional-use 3D shoulder video camera with a dual lens system that facilitates a shooting style with considerable freedom of movement, making it suitable for shooting high-definition 3D footage for documentaries, news, interviews and events, among others.

Stereoscopic 3D Games

The market for stereoscopic 3D game content has been expanding since June 2010, when Sony began selling stereoscopic 3D games worldwide through the PlayStation®Store. As an example, sales of GRAN TURISMO® 5, exclusively for PS3, reached 5.5 million copies in the 12 days immediately following its launch in November 2010, greatly contributing to the expansion of both the PS3 platform and stereoscopic 3D games.
Stereoscopic 3D software titles such as Killzone 3 and Me & My Pet have received rave reviews from gamers, and can be enjoyed through the PlayStation®Move motion controller. Used in combination with PlayStation®Eye (a USB camera for PS3), the PlayStation®Move motion controller offers a brand-new way to enjoy PS3, and was launched in September 2010.
Numerous highly anticipated stereoscopic 3D software titles scheduled for launch in fiscal year 2011 will further contribute to the growth of the 3D content market.
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