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Q1: I'd like to know more about corporate strategy and its vision for the future.

A1: Corporate strategy was explained during the Corporate Strategy Meeting. Streaming video and audio from the meeting, together with presentation slides and handout materials are available.

Q2: I want to access the web sites of Sony's subsidiaries.

A2: You can refer to various subsidiary reference sites at the links here.

Q3: Can I view the earnings announcements over the Internet?

A3: Recent earnings announcements (including Q&A sessions) and other investor meetings can be accessed at "IR Calendar".

Q4: When are Sony's accounting periods?

A4: The fiscal year ends on March 31 of each year however our consolidated results are announced every quarter. Please refer to the Event Calendar for upcoming earnings announcements and schedules.

Q5: How do I obtain a copy of Sony's annual report?

A5: Sony no longer produces an annual report. To obtain a copy of Sony's complete audited financial statements, please click here.
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