AI × Robotics

Creation of experience to stimulate the curiosity

Sony made AI and Robot closer

From an early stage, Sony set its sights on the potential inherent in AI × Robotics, and in 1999 it released the AIBO home entertainment robot. The AIBO represented a bold challenge in providing new experiences using cutting-edge technology.

Since then, Sony has continued to improve its core AI technologies and has incorporated them into a wide range of products, thereby delivering new experiences. The Smile Shutter™ function in digital cameras and Face Recognition feature on PlayStation® are a few examples of the ways in which Sony’s technology has been applied. Sony also got an early start on advanced AI research in areas such as autonomous cognitive developmental intelligence and deep learning. These new technologies are now drawing a great deal of attention as the next big thing in AI tech.

They are taking on further challenges with fresh eyes and new ideas, while combining the traditional techniques of Japan with new technologies.

AI makes you Inquisitive

Now, together with its partner companies and research institutes, Sony is embarking on a new challenge to innovate in the realms of AI and robotics, by fusing its constantly-evolving core technologies with the very latest in technology.