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New Businesses / R&D

Sony has embarked on initiatives to create new business opportunities, and is accelerating R&D activities to bring about innovations.

New Businesses

Life Space UX

Life Space UX is a concept proposed by Sony that is defined by delivering unique experiences and facilitating new ways to transform your living space.

Seed Acceleration Program

The Seed Acceleration Program’s goal is to gather and nurture new business ideas from beyond the boundaries of existing Sony organizations.

Through the Sony group's management and human resources in a variety of business fields—such as electronics, entertainment and finance—and by accelerating the cooperation with collaborations and venture companies with superior technologies and abilities in each of these domains, Sony will use its unique methods aiming at launching start-ups and spurring innovations.

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  • Aromastic


    AROMASTIC is a mobile scent dispenser that users can take along wherever they go and enjoy a range of five scents to create a desired mood. And since the scent only reaches the user’s immediate vicinity, it can be enjoyed at anytime and anywhere.



    As it can be used to operate a multitude of household electronic devices and customized to display only the desired buttons from other remotes, the HUIS REMOTE CONTROLLER does away with the need to use several different remote controls and clears up the user’s living space.



    PROJECT REVIEWN is an event venue-exclusive video sales platform that enables users to purchase video contents from the events they attended with a mobile device for viewing at their discretion.

Sports Entertainment

With its range of products and services designed to enrich various everyday life situations,
Sony provides new discoveries and experiences in the field of sports.


Future Lab Program

In 2016, Sony launched a new research and development initiative called the "Future Lab Program."

The Future Lab Program embraces an approach to technological research and development that emphasizes an open creative environment and direct lines of communication with society, through which it aims to co-create new lifestyles and user value in the future. As part of this approach, the program will share concept prototypes with users while still at the development stage, and look to them for inspiration, leveraging their feedback to refine and evolve its projects.

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In addition to initiatives already under way, we will also aim to combine our existing strengths in areas such as video and audio technologies, sensors and mechatronics, with artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, communications and other elements, and by doing so offer new proposals to our customers at the "last one inch" across all types of living spaces.

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (hereinafter “Sony CSL”) was founded in February 1988. At Sony CSL, value is assessed by the degree to which achievements are perceived to contribute to humanity and society, to new science and technology, to industrial progress, and to product development. We respect and foster each member’s initiative and creative ability.

A work of research is often a reflection of the researcher’s values, philosophy, and worldview. We gather “Crazy” people and let them challenge themselves to change the world.
When founded, Sony CSL focused on fundamental research in computer systems, including operating systems, the Internet, and user interfaces. As the organization evolved, its focus shifted to exploring ways to use computers in diverse domains such as systems biology, econophysics and artificial intelligence. And now, its major research themes are “Global Agenda,” which encompasses issues ranging from energy to food and healthcare; and “Human Augmentation,” which includes studies exploring human creativity and human-computer interaction/integration. In addition to Tokyo, we have a lab in Paris (founded in 1996).

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