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Our Business

The principal businesses of Sony are as follows.

Professional Products &Solutions

Sony has spent more than 50 years honing its technological excellence with a keen eye for broadcasting and professional products.

From onsite in the production of movies and television shows to live sport broadcasts and other forms of live productions, Sony products claim high global share in this field, having earned the company a number of Emmy Awards and an Academy Award—one of the most prestigious prizes in the broadcasting and film industry. Furthermore, Sony will provide new value by meeting various customer needs by providing products and solutions including digital cinema projectors for movie theaters, lecture recording and distribution systems for education and video conference systems, developed by incorporating technologies cultivated in the field.


Sony has been developing unique products and creating markets in the field of semiconductors ever since the launch of the first Japan-made prototype transistors in 1954.

In the field of image sensors in particular, since Sony's introduction of the world's first CCD color video camera in 1980, Sony has always been an industry leader with innovative technologies in CCDs and, in recent years, CMOS image sensors, in addition to which Sony also offers products that include various kinds of LSIs, lasers, and display devices.


Leveraging imaging and other technologies in the electronics field, Sony has been developing various types of medical imaging equipment since the 1980s, including printers, cameras, recorders and monitors. Sony also provides cell analyzers/sorters suitable for researchers in advanced research fields such as immunology, oncology, and regenerative medicine.

In the field of medical equipment manufacturing, based on the healthcare professionals' voiced desire to perform high-precision surgeries utilizing high-definition video, Sony's response is a proposal for a full suite of high-definition medical imaging equipment that offers recording, transmission, and playback at 4K resolution to support the performance of surgeries.

Furthermore, in an alliance with Olympus Corporation and Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc., the Sony Group will continue to engage the medical field with achievements such as the development of the 4K 3D surgical endoscopy system.*

* Manufactured by Olympus Medical Systems Corporation (with the exception of the monitor and recorder); monitor and recorder manufactured by Sony Corporation

Contactless IC Card Technology (FeliCa)

Sony made possible the effortless contactless payment and authentication by IC cards or compatible mobile phones with FeliCa, a contactless IC card technology Sony started developing in 1987. Today, FeliCa is in wide use throughout Japan and Asia for transit tickets, electronic payments, authentication in schools and companies and many other situations that surround us.

We will expand FeliCa applications to broaden the "effortlessly convenient world" made possible by the technology.

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