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Our Business

The principal businesses of Sony are as follows.

Entertainment Robot

"aibo" is an autonomous entertainment robot that brings fun and joy to the entire family. aibo can form an emotional bond with members of the household while providing them with love, affection, and the joy of nurturing and raising a companion. It possesses a natural curiosity, and we hope it will bring joy into the everyday lives of our customers while growing alongside them as a partner.

Sony Startup Acceleration Program

Sony Startup Acceleration Program offers know-how and necessary environment to anyone with new business ideas. From ideation, incubation, marketing, to expansion, the program aims to realize creator’s vision arising from companies, startups, universities, and NPOs.


The education business will offer a new experience in learning by offering an education platform service centered on computational thinking needed to cultivate skills for the 21st century. Sony offers unique products and services such as KOOV™, the robot programming kit comprised of stylish colorful blocks as well as the Global Math Challenge. Leveraging all the technologies cultivated to date, Sony continues to meet the educational needs around the world and challenge innovations in the field of education.

3 easy ways to IoT

How is IoT transforming the way you work? Visilion, mSafety and Criotive are three network communication services on connected sensors provide real-time data, which enable new insights into your business, users and customers. Use them to create value-adding services in healthcare, safety, logistics and more.

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