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The principal businesses of Sony are as follows.

TV & Video

In 1960, Sony launched the world’s first direct-view portable transistor TV, and developed the world’s first transistor-based videotape recorder the following year.

Sony has since continued to release televisions and video equipment that boast industry-leading technologies and designs. Going forward, through the stunning reality of visuals created by big-screen TVs and dynamic sound, Sony will transform the viewing experience from “watching” to “feeling.”

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Sony launched Japan’s first tape recorder in 1950, then went on to release the Walkman® personal stereo cassette tape player in 1979.

Sony has consistently revolutionized the culture of music-listening; and today, committed to delivering excitement and entertainment of audio and visual to everyone, Sony offers a wide range of audio products, from Walkman® and headphones to home entertainment audio product.

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Digital Camera

Ever since the launch of the first-generation Handycam® video camcorder in 1985, Sony has created a wide variety of cameras that make it easy for users to enjoy high-quality still images and movies.

Sony’s interchangeable lens camera α series and digital still camera Cyber-shot® range are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, combining high image quality and great portability. Through such innovative products, Sony continues to offer a unique imaging experience for a variety of professional and enthusiast photographers.

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Professional Products & Solutions

Sony has spent more than 50 years honing its technological excellence in the field of broadcasting and in the professional products.

Sony’s high global share in this field is broadly recognized by the world, having earned the company a number of Emmy Awards—one of the most prestigious prizes in the broadcasting industry. Sony products are widely used onsite in the production of movies and television shows, as well as in live sport productions. Furthermore, Sony will provide new value through end-to-end solutions that meet the needs of various customers by incorporating technologies enhanced in the area of content creation. This will be achieved through products and solutions, which include digital cinema projectors for movie theaters, lecture recording and distribution systems for education, and video conference systems for corporate and other uses.

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Leveraging imaging and other technologies in the electronics field, Sony has been offering a variety of medical imaging equipment since the 1980s, including printers, cameras, recorders, and monitors.

Yet Sony also provides cell analyzers/sorters suitable for researchers in advanced research fields such as immunology, oncology, and regenerative medicine. In the field of medical equipment manufacturing, based on the healthcare professionals’ voiced desire to accomplish high-precision surgeries using high-definition video, Sony is developing a full suite of high-definition medical imaging equipment that offers recording, transmission, and playback at 4K resolution to support the performance of surgeries. Finally, in an alliance with Olympus Corporation and Sony Olympus Medical Solutions Inc., the Sony Group will continue to engage in the medical field, including for the development of the 4K surgical endoscopy system.*

  • * Manufactured by Olympus Medical Systems Corporation (with the exception of the monitor and recorder); monitor and recorder manufactured by Sony Corporation.
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In 1987, Sony started developing FeliCa, a contactless IC card technology that enables the wireless transmission of data when an IC card or compatible mobile phone is placed over a reader/writer to make payments or to authenticate the card owner.

Today, FeliCa IC chips are embedded in smart cards, mobile phones and various other devices. They are being used in a variety of everyday situations throughout Japan, in parts of the US and in some Asian countries/regions. FeliCa can be used as transit tickets for railway and bus services, for making e-money payments, as e-ID cards at companies and schools, and in many other situations. Sony plans to continue expanding the range of use-cases for FeliCa and to create a convenient world in which FeliCa users can easily and swiftly perform various tasks by merely holding a card or phone over a reader/writer.

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Sony has been developing unique products and creating markets in the field of semiconductors ever since the launch of the first Japan-made prototype transistors in 1954. In the field of image sensors in particular, Sony introduced the world’s first commercial color video camera utilizing CCD in 1980.

Since then, Sony has always been an industry leader with innovative technologies in CCDs and, in recent years, CMOS image sensors, in addition to which Sony also offers products that include various kinds of LSIs, lasers, and display devices.

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Smartphones & Internet

With the Xperia™ smartphone series at its center, Sony has been providing unprecedented experiences to users with innovative cameras, music, videos, and much more.

In addition to rolling out Xperia smart-products and smartphone accessories that pursue new ways of communicating, Sony Mobile Communications Inc. also engages in B2B businesses that utilize IoT to combine devices with services. Meanwhile, as Sony Group's Internet service provider, Sony Network Communications offers the So-net Internet access service.
Plus, in response to the diversifying communication needs, Sony offers the ultra-fast NURO Hikari network and nuromobile to boot—a mobile service that seeks simplicity. Sony's aim will continue to be the provision of services that offer excitement and entertainment along with peace of mind.

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Game & Network Services

In the game and network services business, the PlayStation platform business is focused around the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system.

Extending the enjoyment of PlayStation to other areas—including the premium subscription service PlayStation Plus, in addition to various games, movies, TV shows, music, and other services—the PlayStation Network offers an ultimate playground that enriches users’ entertainment experiences.

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In the movie business, Sony owns production studios such as Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures, boasting a library of more than 3,500 motion pictures that includes the popular Spider-Man series as well as 12 Academy Award® Best Picture winning films.

Sony also works in the television program production business, with shows like Breaking Bad, winner of three consecutive Emmy Awards®, and other Golden Globe Award winners. Sony also engages in the media network business, operating pay channels like Animax, devoted to anime, and AXN, specialized in airing overseas dramas in Japan.

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In the music business, Sony produces music for many recording artists, such as popular singers Adele and Beyoncé, in a wide variety of genres.

Through the company’s music publishing business, Sony manages over four million musical compositions by superstars like the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. handles the music business in Japan while also proactively engaging in other areas, including the development and sales of mobile game apps and other visual media platform-related businesses.

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Financial Services

Sony's financial services business is composed of life insurance, non-life insurance, banking operations, and nursing care. Bringing together the financial services' many functions (save / increase / borrow / protect), Sony provides high value-added products and high-quality services that cater to the financial needs of each customer.

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