• TV8-301

    World's first direct-view portable transistor TV. Comprised of 23 transistors and 19 diodes, this model was developed based on Sony's extensive experience in radio technology. In an age when TVs were assumed to be living room fixtures, this device opened the door to personal television use. Additionally, this model offered three choices for power input.


  • TV5-303

    Developed with the aim of bringing TV entertainment to the automobile environment, this was the world's smallest and lightest monochrome TV, which enjoyed wide popularity under the nickname “micro TV.” The slogan for the device was “Transistors have Changed TV.”


  • KV-1310

    The first in Sony's exclusive line of Trinitron color TVs. This model offered approximately twice the brightness of TVs using conventional shadow-mask tubes. This was a milestone product establishing Sony's superiority in color TVs.


  • KV-1375

    Personal TV nicknamed the “Citation.” In addition to its unique and innovative design, this TV incorporated the Jet Sensor, whereby the user selected channels by gently pressing the control panel buttons. Incorporating newly developed NBM phosphor, which greatly increased the luminous sensitivity of cathode-ray tubes, this TV offered unparalleled picture clarity ultimately resulting in this product becoming a major hit.


  • KX-27HF1

    Advent of the “Profile” series. A monitor with versatile AV output (including video and teletext) was marketed as a single unit. This TV was developed based on a new modular concept, incorporating a TV tuner, stereo amplifier and other components.


  • KX-21HV1

    “Profile Pro” color monitor featuring 560 lines of horizontal resolution and abundant input/output terminals. This model earned the support of those searching for ever-higher television and video picture quality.


  • KW-3600HD

    Consumer use 36-inch “HD Trinitron” HDTV-compatible color TV.


  • KV-29ST1

    “Kirara Basso” series of color TVs, featuring the “Super Trinitron” cathode-ray tube.


  • KV-28SF5

    The industry's first TV with a vertically and horizontally flat screen, made possible by the inclusion of the "Super Flat Trinitron" tube. Reproduced picture naturally and without distortion throughout the entire screen.


  • KW-32HDF9

    A new WEGA series HDTV incorporating an FD Trinitron tube and offering highly advanced picture reproduction.


  • IDT-LF1

    First-generation Airboard. The wireless IDT-LF enabled users to view television programming via TV transmissions (radio waves) “bounced” from the base station.


  • KLV-17HR1

    First-generation liquid crystal WEGA. This model was based on WEGA signal processing technology, enabling this TV to convert and reproduce NTSC signals while retaining advanced picture quality.


  • Qualia 005
    Qualia 005

    The world's first* LED backlit TV, featuring Sony's Triluminous® proprietary backlight system that uses separate red, green and blue light sources to illuminate the LCD panel. The result was unprecedented color control and an extraordinarily brilliant picture that trumped what previous backlight systems could do.
    * Among flat-panel TVs for consumer use.


  • KDL-46X1000

    First model in the new BRAVIA series of widescreen LCD TVs. X-series models (shown) feature "Live Color Creation," utilizing a special backlight system to achieve an incredibly wide color gamut for deeper colors and full HD resolution panels for crisp, detailed images.


  • XEL-1

    World's first organic light emitting diode (OLED) TV.
    The 11-inch OLED TV offers a ground-breaking new design and astonishing slimness (measuring approximately 3mm). Features Sony's independently-developed OLED panel which realizes advantages such as high contrast, high peak brightness, color reproduction and rapid response time, all of which combine to deliver unparalleled image quality.


  • KDL-40ZX1

    The world's slimmest*1 TV at 9.9 mm, and the world's lightest*2 40 inch TV at 12.2 kg. Featured a wireless transmitter that enabled users to arrange the layout of the room without having to worry about cable clutter.
    *1: At its thinnest point; among LCD TVs for consumer use. (As of August 28, 2008)
    *2: Refers only to the monitor part; among 40 inch LCD TVs for consumer use.


  • NSX-46GT1

    World's first HDTV powered by Google TV.

  • KDL-LX900 Series
    KDL-LX900 Series

    3D BRAVIA with Full HDTV.


  • KD-84X9000

    The first 4K compatible BRAVIA™ model, boasting an LCD panel containing no less than 8 million pixels, four times the resolution of Full HD. Equipped with the "4K X-Reality® PRO" picture engine that upscales HD or lower resolution content - including from Blu-ray discs and TV broadcasts - to stunning, 4K quality picture.


  • X9200A
    X9200A Series

    A 4K LCD BRAVIA™ TV that delivers an immersively real and vivid sensory experience due to its wide color gamut - made possible by the newly developed "Triluminous® Display" technology - and its clear, boundless sound - realized with Sony's in-house developed Magnetic Fluid Speakers.

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