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  • type G
    type G

    Japan's first tape recorder. This machine featured a tape speed of 19cm per second. With Sony's exclusive small-hub reel, the recorder accepted tapes in reel diameters of up to 10 inches. Units were delivered to the Supreme Court and various other government agencies, earning it the nickname "Type G," for government.


  • H-1

    The first consumer-use tape recorder. It was named "Type H," for home, because it was designed for home use. The machine was housed in a wooden case resembling a trunk to accommodate overseas travel. It weighed 13kg, much lighter than the first-generation Type G. This was the first model to incorporate industrial design.


  • TC-777

    Japan's first all transistor amp tape recorder. Because the model name had a series of three sevens in a row, it was called the "Three Seven."


  • TC-263D

    Tape deck featuring only a single transport mechanism. This device was unique in that it used a recording amplifier known as the SRA-3 to record sound, with reproduction achieved by connecting a tape playback equalizer to the same amplifier. Since music was generally reproduced only from phonograph records at the time, this product was revolutionary in that consumers could now enjoy music on tapes in the same way they had with vinyl records.


  • TA-1120

    The world's first all-silicon transistorized stereo integrated amplifier. It was the first product in the ES series. This device caused a sensation throughout the audio industry due to its ability to offer what vacuum tube amps could not: major output while simultaneously ensuring low distortion.


  • TC-9000

    Stereo tape deck utilizing one-way 2-track stereo recording instead of conventional reciprocal 4-track stereo recording, with a tape speed of 38cm per second (about twice that of conventional models). Together, these features provided advanced performance similar to professional equipment. This tape deck enjoyed popularity among audiophiles under the nickname "Two-track Three-eight."


  • Listen 5

    Part of Sony's "Listen" series and one of the earliest component stereo systems.


  • TC-2850SD

    The first "Cassette Densuke," successor to the shoulder-type tape recorder nicknamed "Densuke." Although portable, this tape recorder also offered such high performance, it was also used as a stationary model. This product coincided with a fad for the nostalgia of steam locomotives known as the "SL Boom." A craze for on-site recording was set in motion and the TC-2850SD played a leading role in this craze.


  • PCM-1

    Enabled users to record digitally by connecting with a consumer-use VTR. This device played a notable role in audio history in that now even amateurs could handle PCM (pulse code modulated music source) technology, previously limited to professionals. This technology would eventually lead to the development of the compact disc.


  • CDP-101

    World's first compact disc player. The 12cm CD, on which music signals were digitally recorded, signaled the birth of advanced high fidelity sound, opening up new horizons for digital audio.


  • DTC-1000ES

    Digital Audio Tape recorder (DAT). This deck enabled users to enjoy advanced high fidelity audio recording and reproduction at home.


  • SCD-1

    The first Super Audio CD (SACD) player, representing the latest in the realistic reproduction of sound, enabling playback of even the most minute nuances and atmosphere of high fidelity music.


  • NAS-A1

    Network audio system offers compatibility with the Japan-based "Any Music" service---enabling users to enjoy purchasing and downloading music CDs via the net.


  • NSA-PF1

    Unique speaker system, "Sountina." The one-meter-tall speaker emits high quality, natural-sounding audio in 360 degrees from the organic vibrating tube.


  • TA-DA5500ES

    TA-DA5500ES, world's first multi - channel integrated amplifier with automatic phase - matching technology


  • STR-DH710

    Home Theater A/V receiver capable of supporting HD components including 3D and ARC.


  • TA-DA5700ES

    The world's first* 9.1ch playback-compatible 7-channel integrated amplifier equipped with 'Sound Optimizer' correction technology.
    * As an independent correction technology based on the difference between the efficiency measurement of multi-channel integrated amplifier speakers and the standard movie production levels. (Current at the time of the press release issued on September 28, 2011.)

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