Sony Japan has been recruiting in India since 2009, bringing talented graduates from top domestic university to the international stage of Sony Japan (The HQ), which promotes the essence of corporate philosophy called "The Sony Spirit" mentioned above.
This recruitment is currently aimed at fresh graduates mainly from the four campus of Indian Institution of Technology (IIT Bombay / Delhi / Kanpur / Madras). Applicants from other colleges will also be under discussion. Successful applicants will be hired by Sony Corporation or other Sony Group companies.
You can make big contributions to grow Sony into a more real global company and to bring such global culture back to your home countries eventually. Your working experience itself will become huge assets for yourself.

The company is now cooperating with the placement office of some Universities in India to recruit fresh graduates. Every year in September Sony will hold campus talk in those universities, resumes are accepted from then, and interviews will be arranged in December. For more recruiting information, please contact your University placement office.

AI × Robotics

We are seeking talented individuals in the AI/Robotics field.
Please check the website below for the details.

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