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Our semiconductor device business is driven primarily by image sensors, and also includes various LSIs, lasers, and display devices. By working together with our manufacturing subsidiary Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation and design subsidiary Sony LSI Design Inc. on the integration of development, design, and manufacturing, we will be better able to reliably meet the diversifying needs of customers and to enrich people's lifestyles.

Sony Corporation / Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Areas of Interest

Research, development, manufacturing, sales of semiconductor related products and electronic/electric equipment, as well as other associated businesses.


Tokyo / Atsugi

Image Sensor for Camera

Sony always keeps innovating on the image sensor after Sony has put CCD out into the world.
Sony is advancing more development of the small and high-performance image sensor : the high sensitivity back-illuminated CMOS image sensor and the stacked CMOS image sensor. And Sony contributes to increase the attractiveness of the digital camera of all over the world with the Sony's image sensors.

Automotive Image Sensor

“Safety Cocoon”, The Safety Cocoon represents a safe-zone concept in which vehicle safety is secured in various daily driving situations by detecting 360 degrees around the vehicle, enabling early preparation to evade risk. We aim to help achieve early realization of a self-driving society through this shared vision with its partners.

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