SONY is one of the most innovative companies and drives technology creation through a global network of research centers. The R&D Center is a research and development organization at Sony's headquarters, which plays an innovative role to create KANDO and social values through technology and expertise. It is driving cutting-edge research and development in various locations around the globe, including the laboratories in Japan, Europe, and other locations. We are striving to create new technology, products, and services while at the same time, sustaining Sony Group's diverse businesses in electronics, entertainment, and financial fields.

Full Time Employment and Intern Oopportunities

Tokyo, Japan

Headquarters R&D, Tokyo, Japan, collaborates with our research hubs across the globe (San Jose, Stuttgart, Brussels, Beijing, and Basingstoke) as well as with other outside research institutes from all over the world, focusing on research and technology innovations in the areas of image & video, system architecture & processor, audio & acoustics, AI & machine learning, human interaction, communication.

The following positions are open:
If you are interested in working with us in Japan, please apply: Sony Corporation Recruitment Site.
When asked area of interest and location, please select □R&D/JAPAN(ICASSP2020 Authors) first, and then specify the position ID you would like to apply.
If you are interested in working with us in Germany, please find out details in positions in Germany.

Full Time Employment

The following Full Time positions are open:


All the intern programs' duration are 8 weeks or longer; the schedule could be flexible.

All the intern positions include:

  • allowance
  • visa support
  • a round trip air ticket
  • housing
  • commuting expenses
  • insurance

The following intern positions are open:

Stuttgart, Germany

The Stuttgart Technology Center (STC) hosts the R&D Center Europe, Stuttgart Laboratories 1 and 2, which are two major labs in this network of research centers.
Stuttgart Laboratory 1 (SL01) focuses on research and technology innovations in the areas of computational imaging, wireless communications, radar, machine learning, deep learning and audio signal processing. The results of the research will define the core technologies for future products and new business opportunities for Sony.

The following intern positions are open:

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