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As a creative entertainment company, Sony seeks to use technology to unleash the potential of human creativity. For artists and creators who produce entertainment, this means supporting efforts to raise their creativity to the next level. And for people who enjoy entertainment, Sony aspires to transform their lifestyles. Our innovations will create a new culture which brings more inspiration to people's lives. Sony is also breaking into new fields like agriculture, medicine, and education with initiatives for a sustainable society on a global scale. For this purpose, we want to leverage our world-class imaging and sensing solutions with next-generation algorithms and AI for our future products.

Please take a look at our open positions and choose ones to apply.

Corporate R&D

SONY is one of the most innovative companies and drives technology creation through a global network of research centers. The R&D Center is a research and development organization at Sony's headquarters, which plays an innovative role to create KANDO and social values through technology and expertise. It is driving cutting-edge research and development in various locations around the globe, including the laboratories in Japan, Europe, and other locations. We are striving to create new technology, products, and services while at the same time, sustaining Sony Group's diverse businesses in electronics, entertainment, and financial fields. we are looking for both full time and intern.

Open positions:

Sony AI

Sony AI is dedicated to using AI to help unleash human imagination and creativity. We believe in researching and developing AI techniques that empower the imagination and creativity of artists, makers and creators around the world. Our aim is to advance AI so that it augments and works in harmony with humans to benefit society.
Sony AI' s research and development are driven through agile, world-class AI flagship projects that motivate the creation of AI technologies in both the virtual and physical spaces. The initial three flagship projects are in computer gaming; sensing and imaging for robotics; and gastronomy. Other projects will be added over time. We aim to leverage our core expertise in sensing, computer vision, machine learning, reinforcement learning, and robotics towards novel research and applications. All Sony AI research projects will be pursued in close collaboration with the relevant Sony Group business units, including those in gaming, imaging, and sensing.

Open positions:

Imaging and Sensing Solutions

Semiconductor business at Sony began in 1954 with the commercialization of Japan’s first transistor. Since then, we have continued to contribute in original Sony product development and market creation. In image sensors, Sony commercialized the world’s first CCD color camera in 1980 and many other successful products over the years. From 2004 we began to focus on CMOS image sensors with low power consumption and fast readout. Commercialization of the world’s first back-illuminated CMOS image sensor in 2009 was followed by the world’s first stacked CMOS image sensor in 2012. These developments occurred as the smartphone market was growing, and even today, we continue to lead the industry in image sensors.

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