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Inspire and fulfill your curiosity.
Create unique new cultures and experiences.

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Sony Employee Interview

CEO Message

Kazuo Hirai

President and CEO
Sony Corporation

"A company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity."

At Sony, we strive to make this vision a reality, by creating breathtaking products, content and services that delight our customers, and move them emotionally. Throughout our history, we have not only created new lifestyles and experiences, but have changed the way people enjoy entertainment around the world.

Over the years, we have extended the scope of our business beyond electronics to music, movies, games and network services - enabling us to provide unique experiences and emotion through our rich array of assets, in a way that only Sony can deliver.

The pace of innovation across all of the businesses in which we operate continues to intensify. This constantly creates new challenges, as well as unlimited opportunities for Sony employees.

That's why Sony remains committed to seeking unique and talented individuals who share our passion for giving customers the very best in technology, design and entertainment. We offer broad exposure and diverse opportunities across multiple geographies and lines of business.

We are now shifting towards an exciting new phase of growth, firmly focused on the next generation of our company. At the same time, we continue to be guided by the "Spirit of Innovation and Challenge" - principles that have been instilled in the company since its founding in 1946 - in everything that we do.

We welcome your enthusiasm, creativity and imagination, and invite you to join us in changing and building our future together. Unleash your curiosity and make your ideas and inspirations a reality at Sony.

Worldwide Job Information

HQ / Corporate

We should rename Sony Corporation Sony People. After all, we're all about people: our customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers. What's more, we're people with purpose. We work to understand our customers, their needs, dreams and desires. So we can create the entertainment experiences of tomorrow. How? By putting smart people together. And letting the magic happen. One plus one equals three at Sony People. And there's quite a lot of us, all spread around the globe! Imagine the magic.

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Smart phones. They're a revolution. And we're slap-bang in the middle with new ideas, technologies and user experiences. But like all revolutions, there's something very simple at its heart. Smart thinking. Yes we need engineers and logistics experts. Yes we need sales and marketing professionals. But more crucially, we need smart individuals. Now, before you email your academic achievements, know there's a difference between intelligent and smart. If you know that. Get to know us.

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Our movie and TV producing, marketing and distribution arm reads like a who's who of entertainment. We've over 4,000 films. Including 12 Best Picture Oscar winners. Some 57,000 TV and game show episodes sit in our library. It's huge. It's successful. But it's built on a simple belief. Challenging convention. And making new ideas happen. At Sony, we look after the creativity and let the profit look after itself. If you get that you'll get us.

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Network Services

We're not ones to boast. But, er, um, here are three. We're at the shiny, sharp end of technological development. We've a host of top-notch service companies willing and able to deliver worldwide. And, boy, are we content rich. Three boasts. One proposition: a hell of an interesting place to work. Mixing the best bits of Sony Inc. demands the best people. Are you top of your game?

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Sony Electronics. Sounds big, eh? And it is. Because it's based on innovation. The continual search for the new. The improved. And to make it come alive. It doesn't matter what your particular skills are: we've everybody from administrative staff and sales professionals to electronic engineers and product creators. Everybody must innovate. And when they do, boy, does the earth move. Can you innovate? Come see.

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Most folk love a rocking good tune. But that's not the same as loving music. For us, music is a verb not a noun. It's an action. A thing millions do the world over, over centuries. It's a chorus scribbled on a napkin. It's the finger tapping of a riff. It's kids coming together for hours on end to repeatedly play a song. Their song. That's music. That's Sony. And if that's you, come play.

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67 billion dollars. Give or take a bill or two. That's what the global gaming biz is worth. Or so say the moneymen. Now, we're not ones to sniff at earning a buck. No, sir. But gaming is worth way more than that. And you don't need a financial house to tell you. Go to your house. Or your neighbour's. Dig out that old PlayStation. Remember the hours you spent going faster and further into each game? Recall the joy? The rush? Then head over to our place.

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