x-Pict Story

Create pro-quality slideshow from your digital photos with x-Pict Story software

x-Pict StoryTM software combines your digital photos with pre-loaded transitions and music to create slideshows everyone can enjoy. Simply select a music clip and x-Pict StoryTM software will automatically create dynamic photo slideshow, complete with visual effects choreographed to the audio track.

After you’ve created a slideshow, you can save it as a WMV (Windows Media Video) file and email to friends and family or upload it to the web.

x-Application Launcher (ver1.0)

*Press the download button, you will be transferred to external download service site.

*Customer support is not available for trial versions of x-ApplicationTM software


  • Simple 1-2-3 steps to create pro-quality slideshow

    It is so easy. Just drap and drop photos, select music, you will get complete photo slideshow like short movie!

  • Background Music from your own library

    You can use your favourite music from your library which makes your precious memory even more personal.

  • Easy to share with family and friends

    You can share your complete slideshow with family or friends by e-mail.