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Virtualphones Technology (VPT) is based on research of human acoustics and is an integration of diverse technologies such as headphone transducer technology*4, a proprietary audio analysis technology and sound field reproduction technology using digital signal processing.

Sony's ultimate aim is to create a clear, dynamic surround sound field with any type of headphone.

Sony strives to realize higher sound quality through broad collaborative activities with our affiliates, namely Sony Music Entertainment (SME) and Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE). Efforts include exchanging opinions with SME and SPE engineers and utilization of their facilities.

VPT, initially developed as a fundamental technology for surround headphones, is being enhanced with a goal to make it a supreme technology for virtual headphones and for advanced applications such as 3D audio encoders (VPT AEP) and network distribution

Capitalizing on its in-depth knowledge of stand-alone virtual surround headphones and portable audio equipment as well as its broad experience in the recording studio, Sony aims to make VPT the ultimate virtual sound field reproduction technology in a way that only Sony can do.

Kiyofumi Inagaki, Yuji Yamada, Koyuru Okimoto
Audio Codec Development Department
Technology Development Group
Sony Corporation

(name of the department is as of 28, 02, 2006)