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Backup Utility

Sony provides free-of-charge backup utilities that supports Linux - an open-source code OS - to AIT Autoloaders. This enables large capacity backup (200 GB native) in various ways. It also features convenient functions for controlling recorded data using the cartridge's built-in MIC. In addition to Linux, the Solaris OS also is supported.

Notes on Usage
•  This software is provided free of charge; no support service is available.
•  This software may not be reproduced, or redistributed with publications or products, without permission from Sony Corp.
•  Sony may not be held liable, under any circumstances, for any damage, direct or indirect, arising from use of or inability to use this software.
•  In the event that any dispute arising from the use of this software occurs between the user and a third party regarding infringement of copyright, patent rights, or any other intellectual property rights, the user shall settle the dispute at the user's own expense, and shall not cause any inconvenience to Sony or the original holder of the rights.

Main Characteristics
•  Recommended UNIX OS: Linux RedHat distribution 7, Sun Solaris 8
•  Fully Automatic Sequential Mode
Automatic cartridge changing
•  Open logical format
The 4 tapes in the magazine are treated as a single virtual volume.
Backup and restoration based on GNU tar
•  Strategic Backup Support
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Backups: Full or Incremental Backup
•  Cleaning cartridge option available in script
•  MIC-based inventory management.
Simple media management based on the media serial number of each MIC.
•  Multiple AIT Autoloader (Library) Support
•  Saved meta-data to facilitate easier restoration, as backups are redundant if they cannot be restored.
•  Simpler restoration capability to immunize end-users from tar restoration difficulties.
•  Mail Report Support

Software Configurations
(1) MTX v1.2.11
(2) sg_utils v0.94
(3) IncaBack inca-1.05.tar.gz
(4) MicInfo micinfo-1.02.tar

Supported Models
TSL-A300C/SA300C (Same Inquiry models)
TSL-A400C/SA400C (Same Inquiry models)
TSL-A500C/SA500C (Same Inquiry models)

Download Files
1. inca105.taz (link to the file)
2. micinf102.taz (link to the file)

•  "Red Hat" and all the trademarks and LOGO that used Red Hat as the base are the trademark or the registered trademark of RedHat, Inc.
•  "Linux" is Mr. Linus Torvalds's registered trademark.
•  Solaris is the registered trademark of U.S. Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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