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Sony XQD™ Memory Card New G Series Up to 440mb/s(Read speed) 400mb/s(Write speed)

Click here for software update to use XQD Memory Cards cards with Sony PXW-FS7 and PXW-Z100.

Feature1 Get the most of Burst Shooting
 Clearing Buffer Faster, Capture More Decisive Moments

With blazing fast writing speed to leverage the maximum performance of camera, XQD cards enables continuous shooting of up to 200*2 RAW images. With a shorter buffer clearing time, XQD cards can keep up with the shooting speed of the camera,you will capture more decisive moments in multiple bursts of continuous shooting.

Nikon D5 Nikon D500

Number of continuous shots and buffer clearing time*2

feature2 Dependable 4K Video Recording The Most Optimized Card for PXW-FS7 and PXW-Z100

Featuring a newly developed controller and a unique ‘EB Stream’ function enabling stable high frame 4K video recording while avoiding speed degradation. 240 GB model allows up to approximately 45 minutes of 4K XAVC Intra 422 60p (600 Mbps) Sony’s 4K video cameras. One of Sony’s unique strengths as a manufacturer of both hardware devices and memory cards is that it conducts multiple and strict compatibility tests, particularly for Sony devices, in order to achieve high quality and reliability.


Main Recording Modes and Approx. Recording Time

Product Resolution Codec Wrapper Frame Rate Bit Rate Recording Time(64GB)*3
G Series
4K XAVC Intra MXF 60P 600Mbps 10min
HD XAVC Intra MXF 60P 222Mbps 30min
PXW-Z100 4K XAVC Intra MXF 60P 600Mbps 10min
HD XAVC Intra MXF 60P 223Mbps 30min
FDR-AX1 QFHD XAVC-S MP4 60P 150Mbps 50min
■ PXW-Z100
・QD-G120F/G240F cannot be used.
・Device firmware update is required to use QD-G64E/G128E/G256E/M64A/M128A. See device support web for details.
・Device firmware update is required to use QD-G64E/G128E/G256E/ G120F/G240F /M64A/M128A. See device support web for details.

feature3 Fast data transfer to PC Transfer time in less than half of Compact Flash*5

XQD USB adapters and XQD/SD card readers supporting SuperSpeed USB3.1(Gen 1) interface, dramatically reduce data backup time for a more efficient work flow even for large quantity of RAW images or data-intensive 4K video files.

XQD/SD Card Reader(MRW-E90)

Time to transfer data of 60GB toPC (SSD)  XQD USB Adapter

feature4  Extremely Durable Shell Structure Durable and reliable to protect data and images

XQD Memory Cards are designed with recessed contact pins which protect them from damage, dust or electrostatic shock. With the compatible devices also designed to protect contact pins and avoid inserting card in the wrong direction, it provides a more reliable use even in harsh environments. Furthermore, Sony’s XQD cards improve durability with increased shell strength thanks to its unique technology.

A rugged case with recessed pins for contact protection

b.b. Far More Robust than the XQD Standard*6 (QD-G120F and QD-G240F)

The XQD QD-G120F and QD-G240F are 5 times more robust compared to the XQD standard. They are tested to withstand 5m drops to reduce the risk of breakage when handling or changing cards, even in the harsh environment or under hasty shooting conditions.

Additionally, QD-G120F and QD-G240F are two times more rigid compared to the XQD standard. They have passed the bending test under 50 Newtons (about 5kg) of force, to prevent the risk of being bent or broken caused by repeated removal/insertion into card slots.

c.Reliability for Professional Use X-ray proof, Magnet proof, Anti-static and UV guard

Sony’s XQD memory cards are shockproof, magnet proof, anti-static and resistant to breakage, and offer full performance even in extreme temperatures, under exposure to intense UV light and airport X-rays machines. Designed for prolonged professional use, Sony XQD cards are tested for dependable storage, wherever you need to shoot.*6

??? ??? UV??? ?X? ??? ????

feature6 File Rescue Download Software Recover RAW,MOV files taken with Nikon DSLR

Sony’s File Rescue software helps recover photos and videos that have been accidentally damaged or deleted.*7 Applying an advanced algorithm, realizes a higher rate of recovery for RAW image, MOV files and 4K XAVC-S video files captured on both Sony and Nikon devices.

Available as a free download to XQD memory card customers

♦XQD Memory Card Line Up

XQD Format Version XQD Format Ver.2.0
Interface PCIe Gen2 / USB 3.1 (Gen.1)
Model Name(Capacity*8) QD-G32E(32GB)
Transfer Speed*1 Read 440MB/s
Write 400MB/s

♦XQD Memory Card Line Up

GSeries MSeries SSeries NSeries HSeries
MRW-E80 *9 *9
QDA-EX1 *10 *10
  • *1     Based on Sony testing; Transfer speeds vary and are dependent on host devices.
  • *2     Based on Sony testing. When using Nikon D5,RAW 12bit, lossless compressed
  • *3     The recording and playback times are for a continuous recording as a single clip. The actual times may be shorter, depending on the number of clips recorded.
  • *4     Normal operation is not guaranteed in some recording modes. For details, see your device’s support website.
  • *5     Based on Sony internal testing when using MacBook Pro. Transfer time varies and is dependent on file size or host devices.
  • *6     Based on Sony internal testing. Actual performance may vary. Based on environmental conditions and usage.
  • *7     All data may not be recoverable.
  • *8     A portion of the memory is used for system files and may vary.
  • *9     Transfer speed lower.
  • *10    Operation is guaranteed only when using with PCI Express Gen 1 compatible device.