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How to Use x-Pict Story for Memory Card

Import photos... Choose BGM... Voila It’s so easy.

Installing the downloaded file

The actual screen display may vary depending on your operating environment.

Double click on the downloaded file, [xPSMC_setup.exe].
Click [Next].
In the process, a message will appear urging you to update DirectX. Click [Yes], and it will be automatically updated. DirectX is a technology provided by Microsoft. For more detail, go to Microsoft website.
Click [Install].
Click [OK].
The software is installed.

Create a preview version

Import photos
Drag & drop your favorite photos (or a folder of photos) into "x-Pict Story", via main window or import window.
Select BGM
Choose from "x-Pict Story" original BGM, or drag & drop your favorite music (MP3) from PC.
Select effect theme
If you use your own music, select an effect theme and video length.
Preview the video
Click [Preview] and check the video.

Save the video

Select image size
[HD quality] will allow a clear display on a large-size screen.
Save the video
Click [Save], and wait for a while.
Video is processed.
Check the file location
Click [Find movie file], and the file location will be displayed.

x-Pict Story will be more useful when used with PMB (Picture Motion Browser).

PMB is image file management software that comes with Handycam®, Cyber-shot™, a digital SLR cameras, or Picture Station. Use PMB with "x-Pict Story™" to organize photos and videos. Then uploading files to online blogs or video-sharing sites will be quick and easy.
* It may be prohibited to upload content onto the internet and/or other network services without the copyright holder's permission under applicable copyright law.

"x-Pict Story™" and PMB (Ver.5.0 or later) make things so easy!
   -Just a click on PMB screen to start up "x-Pict Story™"
   -Select photos on PMB, and drag & drop into "x-Pict Story™".
   -PMB will manage the videos you created on "x-Pict Story™", together with photos.
   -"YouTube™" uploading is easy. "YouTube™" ID will be stored in PMB, so it will be even easier next time!

Upload to YouTube

Start PMB.
Select "x-Pict Story™" from [Open with Program].
Select photos in the main screen and drag & drop them into "x-Pict Story™".
Create a video clip on "x-Pict Story™".
Create a video clip on x-Pict Story™.

Get a YouTube™ account. If you already have your account, go Step 6.
In the main screen, select a video clip you created on x-Pict Story™.
Click [Media Services] and select [YouTube™].
In the upload screen, login to YouTube™ by entering your username and password.

Double click on the image list, and enter a title and description.
Click [Upload].
It's done.
You can check the uploaded video by clicking a link.

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