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Memory Media Utility


For SxS Memory Cards, Portable Storage, and Professional RAID users

Key features

Media Information display

Simultaneous content backup to multiple destinations

3.Media formatting

SxS Memory Card library

SxS Reader Writer Display

Display Media Information

Memory Media Utility shows information about SxS memory cards, Sony Portable Storage and Sony Professional RAID such as;
- Device type and model name
- Available free space
- Result of the device status check
- File system and recording mode
- Available recordable time*1

The result of the device status check can alert users, in 3 phases, about when to replace Sony devices, using Sony’s criteria. Users can then back up stored data and replace the device before a problem occurs on it.*2

*1. The recording and playback times are for a continuous recording as a single clip. The actual times may be shorter, depending on the number of clips recorded.
*2. This does not guarantee the normal operation of Sony devices.

Media information

Rewriting life

Simultaneous Content Backup to Multiple Destinations

With “Memory Media Utility” users can copy all the files from a selected SxS memory card to multiple destinations such as Portable Storage or Professional RAID, up to three, simultaneously. Users can also compare/confirm the copied data on the display of this software.

Content Back up

Media Formatting

SXS Memory Card

“Memory Media Utility” formats SxS Memory cards in FAT32, UDF, or exFAT*2 file system, compatible with supported XDCAM devices.
Format options; Full Format, Quick Format or Multiple, simultaneous format.

single Format

Multi Format

SXS Memory Card/Professional RAID

“Memory Media Utility” supports the file systems FAT32*1, NTFS, HFS+, and exFAT*2 for formatting a Portable Storage. It provides two format options: Full Format (for completely erasing all data) and Quick Format (for quickly erasing only the management area). Users can set a Device label for the formatted drive by entering a name in the Device Label field.

*1. FAT32 can only be selected for Portable Storage.
*2. The function that allows reformatting into the exFAT format can only be used to reformat products that are pre-formatted and shipped in the exFAT format.

Media Library

Users can view/edit the information of the SxS memory cards registered on “Memory Media Utility”.
Information registered in the list are media name, rewriting life, latest media information, latest backup date or backup location, etc. of each card.
The data also can be exported in “.csv” format.

SXS Reader Writer Display

When multiple SxS memory cards are used through multi-slot SxS reader/writer devices (such as SBAC-UT100), “Memory Media Utility” is capable of showing a relationship between the drive name of each SxS card displayed on PC screen and its slot position on the reader/writer. This function “SxS Reader/Writer Display” is very useful when switching the cards.

With SxS Reader/Writer Display, “Memory Media Utility” can display all reader/writer devices connected,* allowing the user to name each device for easier management. SxS Reader/Writer Display can also be launched as an independent tool, and it can be used in combination with other applications such as Explorer or Finder.

(* Up to six SxS reader/writer devices can be connected in a daisy chain.)

When SxS memory cards are not registered in “Memory Media Utility”, the registration dialog box can be made invisible by performing either 1) or 2) described below. (In this case, features other than SxS reader/writer display cannot be used.)
1) Stop Memory Media Utility being resident in memory.
2) Select Tool > Maintenance > Settings and cancel the “On” option in SxS Function.

Note: If “Memory Media Utility” is used on Mac, the access indicator LED on the SxS reader/writer may repeat blinking. This, however, does not indicate a device malfunction or application failure. If this happens, remove and insert the memory card according to the instruction manual.

If the Portable Storage is connected to the Windows PC through the Thunderbolt interface, the following functions cannot be used:
- Device information display
- Formatting
- Library management

Do not use Windows Administrative Tools, such as the Disk Management utility, while you are using a Professional RAID storage device


For Memory Stick PX series users

For SxS Memory Card users, please see here

Key features

When using Memory Stick PX-Series cards with Memory Media Utility:

Use of an external USB memory card reader is required.

  • * Memory Media Utility cannot be used with built-in PC card slot.
  • * Normal read/write functions are available with built-in PC card slot.
  • * When using PX-Series cards in standard mode, with 64GB capacity or greater, please use an external USB memory card reader that is compatible with Memory Stick XC-HG Duo.

When using SxS Memory Cards with Memory Media Utility

  • * The latest SxS device driver is required for all software functions to operate properly.
  • * When using the Sony SxS Memory Card USB Reader/Writer (model SBAC-US10) with a PC, please make sure the SBAC-US10 software is updated. Go to Tool > Maintenance in "Memory Media Utility" and choose SBAC-US10 FW Update.
  • * When using a UDF-formatted SxS memory card with Windows PC/Mac, it is required to install the latest SxS UDF Driver, in addition to the latest SxS device driver, as mentioned above.
  • a

File Information

For windows:MemoryMediaUtility_v4_3_0.exe
Size 19MB
Version Ver 4.3
For Macintosh:MemoryMediaUtilityv4.2.1.dmg
Size 12MB
Version Ver 4.3

Recomended Environment


OS Windows 7(SP1)
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

system requirements

CPU Pentium 1GHz or higher

512MB or more

Hard disk drive space 100MB or more (required for program install)
Requirements .Net Framework 4
Display 1024x768 or higher, High color (16bits) or higher

* When .NetFramework4 is not installed, the extra hard disk free space of 850MB is necessary.

Mac OS

OS OS X 10.8
OS X 10.9
OS X 10.10
OS X 10.11
macOS 10.12
macOS 10.13
macOS 10.14

system requirements

Processor Intel Processor (Standard equipment)
Memory 512MB or more
Hard disk drive space 100MB or more (required for program install)
Display 1024x768 or higher, High color (16bits) or higher

ˇNeed to be used on factory-installed OS both with Windows or Macintosh. Operation is not guaranteed when used on PC with upgraded OS.
ˇOperation is not guaranteed for all PCs meeting the requirement described here.
ˇOperation is not guaranteed in the following cases: PC built by yourself, PC with OS installed by yourself, multi-boot environment, multi-monitor environment, High DPI environment, and PC with incompatible OS installed.