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UHS-II SD/microSD Reader on USB Hub (MRW-S3), fastest and reliable

Incorporates fastest UHS-II SD/microSD reader for ultra high-speed ingestion up to 300MB/s, and fastest USB Hub supporting USB 3.1 Gen 2 for fast data transfer up to 1000MB/s. Compliant with up to 100W USB Power Delivery ensures stable connection and data transfer from/to USB devices. Stylish durable aluminum body with wave surface secures grip especially when connecting and disconnecting devices.


New World’s Toughest SD Card, with ultra-fast speed

SF-M TOUGH specification SD card, designed for wide range of professionals, is shockproof and has the highest-grade waterproof and dustproof (IP68) . Also boasts ultra high-speed up to 277MB/s (read) and 150MB/s (write) , fast enough for RAW burst shooting or quick backup to PC.

From Shooting to backup, editingSpeed-up every step of professional workflow

Rapid write speed

SF-M series Tough spec SD card is fast enough with speed up to 150MB/s (write) for longer burst shooting of Hi-reso. photo, or stable recording of 4K video with V60 (Video Speed Class).

Lightning fast backup to PC

Supporting UHS-II SD/microSD reader, MRW-S3 enables ultra-fast data transfer from fastest SD card up to 300MB/s, reduces backup time to 1/3 compared to UHS-I card reader.

High-speed content duplication, affords more time for edit/retouch

MRW-S3 supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 (both USB Type-CTM and USB Standard-A port) is able to transfer/duplicate content at up to 1000MB/s between 2 units of Sony’s high-performance External SSD “SL-M” series.

Backed up, stable, fast data transfer

MRW-S3 can receive up to 100W USB PD (power delivery) , ensures “stable” fast data transfer. Users can be notified by USB  Power Level Indicators if each pot is ready to be connected at max power supply.

simplify your work life

HDMI Output with 4K 30fps capability

The latest PCs having DisplayPort output only thru USB Type-C port, now can be connected with a 4K monitor thanks to HDMI output on MRW-S3.

One-stop solution,
No need to carry numerous adapters

No worries about various devices using up ports, or carrying adapters for each device. MRW-S3 has UHS-II SD/microSD card reader, UBS 3.1 Gen 2 ports (Type-A and Type-C) and HDM output. Comes with detachable cable (USB-C to USB-C) usable for connecting to USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices, or to a USB PD AC adapter up to 100W thanks to its embedded eMarker.

Tough, Reliable
at any moment

World’s toughest SD card, Ultra-tough External SSD

Ensures to keep your data safe even in tough environment. SF- M series Tough Spec SD card is the world’s toughest, has the highest grade waterproof and dustproof of IP68. Ultra-tough External SSD “SL-M series” and “SL-C” series are also dustproof and waterproof of IP67, shockproof withstands 3m drop.

Durable aluminum body with wave surface

Prevents scratches on MRW-S3, secures grip for easy handling in connecting/disconnecting devices.

Feel secure with reliable software

The world’s toughest SD card comes with 2 reliable software, Memory card File rescue and SD Scan Utility (monitors your SD card memory) .